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2012 Morgan Award Recipient Neil KoonceMorgan Award acceptance speech

Neil Koonce gave an inspirational acceptance speech as he accepted this year's  Morgan Award. The speech was recorded, so if you missed it or want to hear it again, you can view the You Tube video at:

And don't let it languish on the You Tube directory. If you ever need a testimonial about the value of HFMA and the benefits of volunteering, it's hard to believe anyone could have said it better, so point people to Neil's video-he's got it covered!

Colorado Chapter takes home Shelton Award

HFMA awarded its highest chapter honor-the Robert M. Shelton Award, which recognizes five continuous years of excellence-to the Colorado Chapter during HFMA's annual chapter awards ceremony Tuesday evening at ANI: The HFMA National Institute.

"What a great example of how leadership matters," HFMA Chair Ralph Lawson said after presenting the award to past presidents Cathy Wolff, Christine Newgren, Judy Griffith, Larry Dupper, and Ann King White.

The Robert M. Shelton Award recognizes chapters that have stepped up through the years with sustained, strong volunteer leadership. "Only a small number of chapters sustain high performance in a number of areas over time. To be recognized as maintaining excellence in a variety of chapter responsibilities over a five-year period is a remarkable achievement," Lawson said.

Over the past five years, the Colorado Chapter, which has 679 members, has provided exemplary service in the areas of membership satisfaction; breadth and depth of education hours, including registrant hours per member and education growth; and membership retention and growth.

In FY12 alone, the chapter achieved the Silver Award of Excellence for Education, the C. Henry Hottum Award for Educational Performance Improvement, a Silver Award of Excellence for Certification, a Gold Award of Excellence for Membership Growth and Retention, and two Yerger Special Recognition Awards: one for Collaboration and one for Education.

Since 2007, the Colorado Chapter has demonstrated consistent success by earning four Hottum awards for educational performance improvement; three gold awards and one silver award for certification excellence; two silver awards and three bronze awards for education; three gold awards and one bronze award for membership growth and retention; and 13 Yerger Awards. Chapter members also have produced high-quality member communications and participated in collaborative efforts with other chapters.

Three years ago, the Colorado Chapter developed a long-term strategy to be a top performer, says Cathy Wolff, 2011-12 president for the chapter.
"I was very surprised when I got the call telling me that we'd won the Shelton Award," Wolff said in an interview before the event. "This was something we were shooting for, but I didn't think we would get the award this year. We are very surprised and excited, and we graciously accept it."2012 Colorado Shelton Award

The Colorado Chapter outlined a number of initiatives to drive sustained excellence. It reorganized committees, paid increased attention to feedback from its member surveys, and made improvements based on member feedback.

For example, chapter leaders used comments from member surveys to restructure committees and develop educational programming that better met the needs of members, focusing on sessions that provided legal updates in particular.

Location of educational sessions had been a challenge because of the size of the state and the distance that some members would have to travel to events. "For instance, I live three hours from Denver. I'll drive three hours for a meeting, but it really has to be worth my time because of all the travel," Wolff says.

In response, the Colorado Chapter's education committee worked toward choosing locations that were accessible and where members could get the most for their participation.

Additionally, the Colorado Chapter put a greater emphasis on attracting new members to gain fresh ideas and providing enhanced networking opportunities for its members.

"We like to have fun. We have a really good group," Wolff says.

Improved Chapter Performance Award

2012 Idaho Improved Chapter Performance AwardThe Idaho Chapter is the first recipient of a new award created by HFMA: the Award of Excellence for Improved Chapter Performance.

HFMA's Award of Excellence for Improved Chapter Performance recognizes chapters that achieve at least a 40-point increase in their Chapter Balanced Scorecard total score in one year. These criteria were established by HFMA's Regional Executives Council, which approved the award this past November.

The Idaho Chapter increased its total Chapter Balanced Scorecard by 50 points in the past year, for a perfect score of 100. During Tuesday evening's awards ceremony, the Idaho Chapter also won a Silver Award for Education and a Gold Award for Membership Growth and Retention.

Jennie Pipoly, Idaho's 2011-12 chapter president, accepted the award on behalf of the chapter.

Pipoly said that when the Idaho Chapter became aware of its balanced scorecard performance last year, "We looked at the different categories on the Chapter Balanced Scorecard and built a plan around the things we could due to improve our scores in each area."

For example, the Idaho Chapter ran a "get a member" initiative in which members could receive a free educational program by successfully encouraging other professionals to join the organization. "We got three or four memberships from that," Pipoly says. "We're a small chapter; that can make a world of difference." The initiative ran for one quarter; afterward, the chapters' key constituents worked to have members of their own organizations join the chapter.

The Idaho Chapter also put increased emphasis on its membership survey, reminding chapter members about the need to provide detailed feedback so that the chapter could make improvements that would best meet members' needs.

Leaders conducted an hour-long presentation on the value of certification and how to become certified. The Idaho Chapter offered to pay for the study materials for the first two members to sign up for certification classes and paid for the tests of the first two members to sign up for a certification exam.

The chapter worked toward decreasing its days cash on hand. Additionally, the chapter coordinated conference calls among chapter leaders to inform them of the chapter's progress toward its goals.

This year, the Idaho Chapter received a perfect score on its balanced scorecard. "We're very proud of the progress we've made," Pipoly said.

Photoscourtesy RC Photographic Productions  


Publication Date: Monday, July 30, 2012