Mark your calendars! October 29 is the day Chapter Membership Satisfaction Surveys will hit your members' inboxes.

Now is a good time to remind your chapter members that you listened to their past comments and to let them know what your chapter has done to address any issues they raised in past surveys. Tell them about new programs you may have initiated and enhancements your chapter has made to the member experience as a result of their comments-and those that your leadership initiated on its own.

If you remind your members what you've done for them lately, they will be more likely to share their ideas and to respond favorably to this fall's survey.

Is the thought of writing another email giving you a massive case of writer's block? No worries, several chapters have agreed to share communications they've sent to promote participation in the Chapter Membership Satisfaction Survey. Feel free to lift copy and create a message that's just right for your chapter-just remember to update the dates!

These communications use a number of techniques that we think will help encourage participation:

  • Confirm that your leadership reads the results and takes the suggestions seriously
  • Emphasize specific actions you have taken as a result of member feedback
  • Express a desire to improve
  • Invite members to:
    • participate in programs
    • visit the chapter website
    • contact leadership with concerns

We've underlined language that we think is especially effective.

Click a link to take you to each message:

Georgia Chapter email sent Oct. 20, 2011
Northeastern New York Chapter email sent 10/27/10
Northern California 2011 News Flash email sent Oct. 25
Northern California 2011 News Flash Follow up email sent Oct. 28

Georgia Chapter

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Every year, National HFMA conducts a "Member Satisfaction Survey." The results are reported back to the Chapter, so Chapter leaders can work on celebrating and sharing those positive things that Membership tells us, and addressing and satisfying specific needs identified for improvement within the Chapter.

As President of HFMA-Georgia Chapter, I can tell you that the Board, Officers and Committee Chairs and others ("we") take the results very seriously. On or around October 25th, many of you will receive the 2011 "Chapter Membership Satisfaction Survey" from HFMA, requesting your feedback.

Based on the 2010 survey results (published January 2011), which had increased to the highest level since 2004, we listened to your comments, and have enacted measures to address the concerns you expressed. This includes new, expanded, and improved programs, and other enhancements our Chapter has made to elevate our Members' overall experience, and the real value of membership. From that survey, Chapter Members voiced the two improvements the Chapter needs to make "the most" are the following:

Educational Topics at Chapter Programs - our Program Chair and Committee have worked very hard for the 2011-2012 Chapter year to bring to the Members multiple Webinars and workshops all of which are timely and have current content. Additionally, we are offering a new Leadership Series at each of the Institutes designed to target the leadership techniques and management skills needed by today's healthcare managers. The few leadership programs available in healthcare today are very costly, it becomes almost cost prohibitive to send even one participant. Recognizing the need for our operational decision makers to have a stronger foundation, this inaugural Leadership Series has proven to be a huge success thus far.

Chapter Networking Opportunities - A large part of being a successful Chapter can be attributed to the contributions made by our Corporate Sponsors. Without the Corporate Sponsors financial support we would not be able to offer the wonderful educational and networking events at our Institutes. The Georgia Chapter is able to offer affordable events to our membership due to the support of our Corporate Sponsors. In an effort to continue to make the Corporate Sponsors support a value to their organizations, we are again going to offer the Speed Networking event at the Fall Institute to allow Sponsors one on one time with our Chapter Providers.

We will continue to provide networking time at each of our Institutes and in addition, the Georgia Chapter of HFMA using Social Networking more, through links on our website to Facebook and LinkedIn.

While these above two items were identified as the highest "priorities" by our Members, Chapter leadership is also committed to bring about many other improvements, including but not limited to:

  • Location of chapter programs - Over the last several months, a sub-committee comprised of the current Officers and several past Presidents has been evaluating other educational opportunities to offer over the next several years including more one-day conferences to be held across the State.
  • Good Stewards of our Budget - The Board and Officers continue to be committed to ensuring our Chapter Leadership is mindful of the critical need to manage our budget - the very one you help fund each year - and avoid any wasteful or unnecessary spending.

I trust this information is useful to you in understanding the efforts being made by your HFMA-Georgia Chapter President and leadership to continue to enhance the value of being a Chapter Member. I encourage you to complete the forthcoming Survey. Honestly answer the questions as YOU want to respond, including any comments you might make.

To all the Members of the HFMA-Georgia Chapter, from Sponsors to Vendors to Provider Members and others, I thank you so much!

Karen Newton
HFMA - GA Chapter
"Fiscally Fit"

Northeastern New York Chapter

Oct. 27, 2010
HFMA Member Survey

Dear Chapter Member,
HFMA will be sending out their annual survey to determine how well our Northeastern New York Chapter is serving your needs. Following are some examples to illustrate how we use the results of your responses to the meeting evaluations and these national surveys to plan our future activities.

  1. Our members' survey responses indicated an interest in broadening our topics and looking beyond traditional finance areas
    1. We have developed collaborative relationships with AHIMA and ACHE to address common areas of professional interest across the healthcare industry.
    2. We have broadened our educational offerings for later this fall/winter to include compliance, supply chain and 990 reporting issues to serve our members that have needs and interests in these areas.
    3. We have expanded our traditional 1/2-day meetings to a mix of ½ and full day sessions providing between 4 to 8  hours of CPE credit, thereby enhancing your return on your investment of time and money.
  2. Social Networking Channels
    1. We are exploring the use of social networking channels to facilitate effective communication throughout the chapter.
    2. Along with our Golf Outing and Day at the Saratoga Race Track, we have added and continue to research other venues to connect members, such as our new Member Profile, enhancements to our website and expanded program topics and collaborations.
  3. Membership
    1. We have initiated processes to expand our membership by connecting with local colleges that offer Health Care Finance and Administration Programs.
    2. We have developed a Sponsorship Program that provides tuition assistance and our Educational Programs are offered free to Students.

If you are chosen to participate in the survey, please tell National how we are serving you.

If you are not, please tell us how we can serve you better by filling out the evaluations at meetings or communicating with your officers and BOD members. As always, we are looking to enhance our current structure with new members and new ideas. If you are interested in becoming more involved in our chapter, please feel free to contact me at any time.

We are here to make your NENY chapter an essential part of your successful career.
It is an honor to serve you!

Mollie Kennedy and Mike Wallner

Northern California 2011 News Flash email sent Oct. 25

President's Message
Jayne Kroner
Chapter President, 2011-2012

We listened to your comments last year and the results were very good
Response Rate: 12%
FY11 Overall High Satisfaction: 58%

We want to EXCEED last year's chapter member satisfaction survey. It's very important that we generate a better response rate and a higher level of member satisfaction. Your opinions are important to us. We're proud of the improvements we made and want to do even better

In response to chapter member comments and suggestions last year, we provided many new education sessions. The following is a summary of last year's offerings from July 2010 through June 2011.

  • PFS Road Shows on Denial Management in Sacramento, Modesto, Fremont and Monterey
    • Two Government Workshops
    • Blue Shield Claim Improvement
  • Webinars provided at a no cost or very low cost
    • CFO Panel with representatives from all Region 11 HFMA chapters
    • ERISA Appeals
    • CFO Panel on Healthcare Reform
    • National provided a Healthcare Reform series
    • Claims and the usage of Patient Status
  • Networking and More Education
    • Monthly Revenue Cycle Forum Chat
    • Annual Golf Tournament
    • Two Family Day events: SF Giants at AT&T Park and Oakland A's at the Oakland Coliseum
    • Annual Spring Conference with two days of education and a social event featuring Casino and Dancing
    • Joint Fall Conference in Long Beach
    • Region 11 Symposium in Las Vegas
    • Managed Care Legislative event titled "What's Cooking in Sacramento?" a full day of education featuring speakers from CAPG, CHA, DMHC and the Legislative Analyst's Office
    • Certification Study Class
  • Future Plans for 2011-2012
    • Finance Forum Chat and Finance Road Shows
    • Football Day with the SF 49ers
    • Hands-On Certification Classes
    • Many more multi-disciplined Webinars

Northern California 2011 News Flash Follow up

Oct. 28

Did You Miss It?

The Annual HFMA Chapter Survey was sent to your email box on October 25

Your opinion is important to us. We listened to your comments last year and we responded by developing a yearlong chapter calendar featuring new education sessions and networking/social events:

  • PFS Road Shows on Denial Management in Sacramento, Modesto, Fremont and Monterey
  • Two Government Workshops
  • Blue Shield Claims Improvement Workshop
  • Webinars provided at no cost or very low cost:
    • CFO Panel with representatives from all Region 11 chapters
    • ERISA Appeals
    • CFO Panel on Healthcare Reform
    • Claims and the usage of Patient Status
  • Networking and more education
    • Monthly Revenue Cycle Forum Chat
    • Annual Golf Tournament
    • Two Family Day events with the SF Giants and Oakland A's
    • Annual Spring Conference
    • Joint Fall Conference in Long Beach
    • Managed Care Legislative event featuring speakers from CAPG, CHA, DMHC and the Legislative Analyst's Office
    • Certification Study Classes

It is our goal to listen to you and address your needs. Please let us know how we can serve you, and make your HFMA membership relevant and worthwhile.

Your HFMA Northern California Chapter Leadership Team


Publication Date: Thursday, August 30, 2012