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Solving the ACO Conundrum

An accountable care organization, developed on the basis of a focused strategic and financial analysis, can be a means for a hospital to increase market share.

By John M Harris, Daniel M. Grauman, Rashi Hemnani

Special Section: Healthcare Reform

Will Healthcare Reform Work?

Providers stand a much greater chance today than they did in the past of successfully solving the U.S. healthcare system's imposing cost and quality problems. 

By Chad Mulvaney

Coverage and Costs: Lessons Learned from the U.K. Health System

Soaring healthcare costs in the United Kingdom demonstrate that universal public healthcare systems can face the same cost control challenges as the highly private U.S. system.

By Derek A. Bang   


Realizing the Full Financial Benefits of True Integration

Health systems stand to achieve tangible financial and nonfinancial benefits from developing a strong integration strategy. 

 By Kathleen H. McCarthy, Alan M. Zuckerman

7 Strategies for Improving HITECH Readiness

Demonstrating meaningful use of electronic health records is critical in an environment of outcomes-based payment and healthcare reform.

By Pam Arlotto

The Value EquationLearn the innovative strategies that three healthcare organizations have incorporated to increase the value of the care and services they provide.

By Jeni Williams

Web Extra: Find more tips for improving quality while driving costs down

Recover Costs of Care with Community Partners

Hospitals can partner with community agencies to obtain Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement that would not be available through other strategies.

By Michael Hutner

Meaningful Use Update

Healthcare providers cannot afford to delay their detailed meaningful use planning.

By John T. Bigalke, Mitchell Morris

Focus Areas

Cost and Quality

Reducing Variance in Nursing Practice

Variations in nursing practice can negatively impact patient safety, as well as the quality and cost of care.

By Kathleen D. Sanford

Revenue Cycle

Developing a Revenue Integrity Improvement Plan

A first step in plugging leaks from hospital revenue cycle operations is to implement a revenue integrity improvement plan. 

By Kate Banks


From the Chair

We're All Strategic Planners Now

HFMA's chair tells why "failing to plan is planning to fail."

By Deborah Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA

From the President

Strategic Guesswork

A strong consensus emerged from HFMA's Thought Leadership Retreat: creating value--lowering costs while improving quality--is a strategic imperative in changing times.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA

From the Editor

An Old Friend to the Rescue

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief

Eye on Washington

Comparative Effectiveness Research: So Far,So Good

By Gail R. Wilensky


The Path to Transformation: The Future Starts Now

By Edward J. Giniat

Capital Finance

Looking to Grants to Obtain Additional Capital in a Capital-Constrained Market

By Helen E. Quick, Steve Womack

Data Trends

Hospitals Sustaining Margins by Keeping Expenses in Line with Revenues


Member Spotlight: Music Man

Author Presents Six Strategies for Motivating Employees

News in Brief: Could Automated Hand-Wash Checks Reduce Infections - and Costs?

Executive Interview

Ronald Werthman on Collaboration

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