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Maureen Bisognano: Finance is Key to Achieving Quality and Cost Goals

A tireless advocate for change, Maureen Bisognano shares her views on why healthcare CFOs should sit at the table with CEOs and clinical staff to discuss new ways to improve health care.


Cover Story

Capital Planning for Clinical Integration

Hospitals should view clinical integration initiatives as investments, requiring in-depth analysis to understand financial implications and the impact on the organization's financial profile.

By Daniel M. Grauman, Gerald Neff, Molly Martha Johnson



8 Strategies for Hospital Borrowers in 2011

Given today's capital market volatility and uncertainty, healthcare borrowers should pursue strategies to establish and defend an appropriate level of risk in the capital markets.

By James W. Blake, Eric A. Jordahl, Andrew J. Majka

Web Extra: To prevent recurrence of the worldwide financial crisis of 2007-09, global and U.S. bodies have developed laws and regulations, promulgated in 2010, that warrant healthcare finance leaders' attention.

Medical Real Estate in an Age of Reform

The increased number of insured Americans will determine the types of healthcare facilities that are most needed during an era of change and how those facilities are funded.

By Laca Wong Hammond, Philip (P.J.) Camp

Web Extra: Learn why joint ventures with physicians may not be the best source of funding for medical real estate initiatives

Healthcare Capital Projects: How to Avoid Common Problems

Hospital management teams should be aware of eight key problem areas that can delay or increase costs for their hospital capital project.

By Darren Vianueva


How to Optimize an Equipment Leasing Program

In the aftermath of the credit crisis vacuum, more and more healthcare executives are turning to the $521 billion leasing market to finance replacement equipment and fulfill new facility equipment needs.

By Blaine Ung, Jay Zeinfield


Energy Management: Opportunities and Challenges for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and health systems are investing in energy efficiency improvements to reduce costs, although financing these investments is challenging.

By Richard Smith


4 Decisions that Can Affect Your Anesthesia Subsidy

The right choices regarding staffing models, compensation, and type of anesthesia provider a hospital or health system needs can control anesthesia subsidy costs and keep surgical units strong.

By Marc Koch, Dyann Bartus Calder


Managing Bundled Payments

An early look at results of efforts to manage bundled payments at several hospitals highlights the importance of IT for ensuring a successful implementation of this payment method.

By Andrew Draper

Focus Areas


Payment Reform: Complexities to Consider

Working together, providers and payers should take actions to achieve meaningful payment reform by adopting uniform payment rates that cover evidence-based costs.

By Michael E. Nugent



Hospital-Physician Alignment: The 1990s Versus Now

As long as health system administrators avoid some of the mistakes they made in the past, they should be able to employ physicians to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

By Clayton Harbeck




From the Chair  

Step Up and Come Together

Providers should include all healthcare industry stakeholders, including payers, in discussions of how to meet industry challenges. Diversity is important, given the reform-related changes ahead.

By Deborah Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA


From the President

Quality Leadership

HFMA's Value Project provides a framework for the CFO's increasing involvment in improving quality and cost.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

Living in Two Worlds  

Healthcare finance professionals need to plan for tomorrow's capital needs while funding the needs of today.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

VBP in the Works: Perspectives on CMS's Proposed Rule

By Chad Mulvaney


Inside IT

Tips for Choosing Back-Office Technologies that Reduce Costs

By Tom Hughes


Strategy Challenges

What Would You Do? Should We Develop a Children's Hospital?

By Alan M. Zuckerman


Data Trends

Rural Hospital Profitability  


Member Spotlight: Imagination Central

One Way to Motivate Employees to Stay on Budget: Offer to Shave Your Head

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Capture Your Dream Job

Executive Interview

Henry J. Franey: Mergers Should Create Economic Value  

Publication Date: Friday, April 01, 2011

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