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What Value-Based Purchasing Means to Your Hospital

CMS's approach for determining whether a hospital qualifies for incentive payments under the Value-Based Purchasing program is intricate, but it may not produce a fully reliable comparative measure.

By Paul Shoemaker

Web Extra: Read a step-by-step description of how to calculate a hospital's performance scores under Medicare's new VBP program, with a calculation for a sample hospital.


The 4 Phases of Quality Maturity

There are four phases of quality maturity that a hospital must progress through to reach the point that quality becomes a strategic competency.

By Steve Dobbs, Jay Reddy


Clinical Documentation Improvement: Focus on Quality

Hospital clinical documentation improvement programs should move from a focus on payment to a focus on quality and outcomes.

By Shari Breuer, Venanzio Arquilla


Accountable Care: Are You Ready?

A readiness assessment is the critical first step in a 10-step proces to develop an ACO that can thrive in the emerging healthcare environment.

By James Nguyen, Ben Choi

Web Extra: Shared Savings Conditions of Participation


The Case for Evidence-Based Human Capital Management

There are financial benefits to evidence-based recruitment and retention-underscoring the need for finance executives to become actively involved in talent management.

By Kenneth R. Cohen

Web Extra: Find sample questions that can be used to create a job profile.  


Hospital Case Management and Progression of Care

Case managers are in an excellent position to take the lead in managing complex patient care processes and ensuring coordination of care within diverse, and often disjunct, acute care settings.

By Stefani Daniels, Jeff Frater

Web Extra: Two hospitals describe their successful experiences in have case management assume responsibilty for ensuring efficent and appropriate progression of care.  

Connecting Cost and Quality Through Automated Discharge Instructions

Providing easy-to-understand discharge instructions has helped one hospital lower the number of readmissions and cut the number of patient questions in the call center.

By Pattie Boast, Cathy Potts


Wells Capital's Todd Sisson on What Investors Expect from Hospitals



Focus Areas


ICD-10: Obligations and Opportunities

Although implementing ICD-10 is an obligation, it is also a crucial step in advancing the architecture and language unifying efforts to improve population health.

By Philip L. Ronning

Web Extra: Read about the history behind the disease classification system


Cloud Computing Can Simplify HIT Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing delivers an infrastructure foundation with the flexibility and scalability to meet the future demands of the United States' increasingly complex healthcare IT agenda.

By John Glaser


From the Chair

Rewriting the Healthcare Playbook

At ANI, Coach K reminded us that teams win or lose together. In health care, it's time for a new playbook designed around accepting collective responsibility for health outcomes-not assigning blame.

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

Value Through the Eyes of the Purchaser

A key finding of HFMA's Value Project is that value must be viewed from the purchaser's perspective.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

The Value of HFMA

The value of HFMA goes beyond the great education and influential thought leadership, as important as they are.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

The Oracle Within MedPAC

By Chad Mulvany


Strategy Challenge

How Should the Medical Staff and Hospital Be Aligned in a Post-Reform Market

By Alan M. Zuckerman


Capital Finance

The Tax Support of Independent Community Hospitals

By Alan P. Richman


Data Trends

Discharges Decreasing for Most Hospitals



Member Spotlight: Giving Back

Bookshelf: Leading Your Healthcare Organization Through a Merger or Acquisition


Executive Interview

Dennis Dahlen: Implementing an Intense Integration Strategy


Publication Date: Monday, August 01, 2011

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