Cover Story


0110_hfm_coverModeling the Impact of Healthcare Reform

Hospital leaders today need to engage in simultaneous modeling of all parameters and forecasts related to hospitals' payment, volume, capital costs, and other variables.

By Charles Kim, Daniel Majka, Jason H. Sussman






Paul Keckley, PhD: Improving the Value of Health Care

Paul Keckley, PhD, executive director for the Washington, D.C.-based Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, discusses how hospitals can improve value.


Enhancing OR Capacity and Utilization

One organization collaborated with physicians to make OR scheduling and use of facility space more efficient.

By Jeffry A. Peters, Harrison M. Dean


Physician Integration: The Community Health Center Collaboration Option

Health systems can expand their primary care reach and reduce costs by collaborating with federally qualified health centers.

By Gary Lewins


5 Strategies for Physician Engagement

Taking a close look at physician engagement strategies employed by other hospitals can help organizations successfully develop their own.

By Nick Sears, MD


Discounting Medical Malpractice Claim Reserves for Self-Insured Hospitals

CFOs should work with the hospital's actuary and external auditor in deciding on the discount rate to apply to self-insured medical malpractice reserves.

By Richard Frese, Patrick Kitchen


What Finance Needs to Know About Using Technology to Improve Value New technologies can help hospitals more easily and cost-effectively evaluate performance around quality, thereby contributing to improved value. Finance leaders should guide these efforts.

By Sanjaya Kumar

Web Extra: Key Technological Concepts Explained

Is There a Cost Associated With Higher Quality

Value-based purchasing (VBP) is likely to become the new reality for U.S. hospitals. A key question is whether hospitals manage the costs associated with the improved quality that VBP will require.

By William O. Cleverley, James O. Cleverley

Focus Areas


Managing Your Margin After Reform: The Strategic Margin Plan

CFOs can take four key steps to improve quality and margin as healthcare reform mandates evolve over the next decade.

By Michael E. Nugent


Revenue Cycle

Positioning Your Organization for a RAC Audit

There are four key steps providers can take to position themselves for a RAC audit.

By Jonathan L. Swichar, Daniel R. Walworth


From the Chair

Finding New Resolve for a New Year

An important New Year's resolution for healthcare finance executives is to rededicate yourself to long-term goals.

By Debora Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA


From The President

Happy New Year-I Think

The financial state of the country and uncertainty in health care make the new year less than inviting, but focus on solutions at the local level will help.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

Garbage In or Garbage Out?

Strategic planning is especially challenging in this time of healthcare reform and market change.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

2011... What Lies Ahead for Health Care?

By Gail R. Wilensky  



Trends Versus Fads, Action Versus, Reaction

By Larry Scanlon


Inside IT

Convergence: It's What's Next in Healthcare IT

By Randy L. Thomas


Capital Finance

Good Governance: The Overlooked Investment Strategy

By William F. Jarvis



Alpaca Mama


Data Trends

Volume Growth: Quantifying the Recession's Impact for Future Projects


Executive Interview

Jennifer Marion on Healthcare Reform Strategies

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