Cover Story


Starting a Medical Home: Better Health at a Lower Cost

A pilot project helped one health system learn how to better manage population health, reducing its health plan member costs by 35 percent.

By James G. Lee, Gaurov Dayal, David Fontaine


Q & A

Douglas Hastings: Identifying Legal and Strategic Challenges of Accountable Care  

There are a number of legal issues that the move to accountable care raises for hospitals.


HFMA Chair Greg Adams: A Winning Attitude  

HFMA incoming chair Greg Adams discusses the need for healthcare finance professionals to believe in themselves, their colleagues, and their organizations. 


Benchmarking Boon: Tapping Publicly Available Data to Improve Performance

Publicly available data from Medicare can help hospitals benchmark their experience against the experiences of their peers to identify unexpected variations and opportunities for improvement.

By William Shoemaker


Medicare ACOs No Longer Mythical Creatures

The proposed Medicare Shared Savings rule makes ACOs more tangible for providers, but it also contains a few surprises.

By Chad Mulvany


Responding to Reform: 5 Strategies for Reinventing the Revenue Cycle

Healthcare finance leaders can drive enhancements in revenue cycle processes and performance that can help to ensure their organizations' success in an era of reform.

By Mark Janiszewski


Redesigning Physician Compensation and Improving ED Performance  

Emergency department physician compensation plans should be designed to improve quality, productivity, and patient satisfaction.

By Jeff Finkelstein, James Lifton, Claudio Capone


Shared Services Centers Can Drive Significant Savings

A study of U.S. integrated delivery systems that used shared services centers found significant reductions in labor costs in key administrative areas.

By Jim McDowell

Focus Areas

Revenue Cycle

Decoding Alphabet Soup of Future Audit Risks

2011 will bring a rise in audit threats facing healthcare organizations. Zone program integrity contractor audits, which can look back 10 years, are potentially most onerous.

By Lori Brocato, Lynne Byrd, Dawn Crump

 Web Extra: Finding practical tips for reducing future audit risk.


How to Fill Key Leadership Positions Strategically  

It is good strategy, and stewardship, to identify and develop the individuals and teams in an organization with the greatest influence on the successful implementation of strategic plans.

By Kathleen D. Sanford


From the Chair


Healthcare finance professionals can make the most of career opportunities by recognizing what they can do today to improve quality, reduce cost, and help build a better healthcare system.

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

Accountable for Value  

Systematically building capabilities contained in the report on HFMA's Value project will help organizations thrive in the new era of accountability.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

Attention to Detail  

Attention to detail can be the difference between a positive outcome and a derailed initiative.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Inside IT

HIT Adoption Key to Provider Success Under Healthcare Reform

Healthcare finance leaders should look to a strong HIT system to help find ways to coordinate care, improve outcomes, and manage costs.

By Dan Mendelson, Erik Johnson


Strategy Challenge

How Do We Develop the Scale and Scope Needed for the Future?  

A large, freestanding healthcare organization in a suburban setting assesses strategic options for their potential to position the organization to thrive under likely scenarios in the next few years.

Alan M. Zuckerman


Data Trends

Hospital Revenue and Expense Increases Balanced Overall, byt Differences Exist by Type



Member Profile: Swimming with Sharks

CIGNA, Aetna Recognized for Keeping Language Simple


Executive Interview

R. Milton Johnson: An Expanding Role for Financial Leaders


Publication Date: Wednesday, June 01, 2011

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