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Nicholas Wolter: Putting Patients First Under Payment Reform   

Nicholas Wolter, MD, CEO of Billings Clinic, discusses the health system's efforts to create a culture of collaboration that puts patients' needs first.


Cover Story

A New Road Map for Healthcare Business Success

Four industry leaders share the ways in which business development is changing in an era of reform-and how CFOs and other healthcare leaders should prepare.

By Jeni Williams



Can a Hospital Benefit from Partnering with Physicians?

Hospitals have good reason today to consider the benefits of developing an joint venture ambulatory surgery center with physicians, as well as the risks of not pursuing such a strategy.

By Allan Fine, Brandon Frazier


Web Extra: When evaluating a potential corporate partner for a joint venture ASC, hospital finance leaders should ask questions that relate to nine key points of consideration.


7 Strategies for Success in Governing an ACO

A successful ACO strategy starts with clearly articulating a patient-centered strategic plan that supports organizational goals.

By Paul R. DeMuro


Uncovering Pharmacy Department Risks and Opportunities

To assess the risk posed by improper billing, coding, and pricing for pharmacy items, hospital finance leaders should perform an audit of the pharmacy department's charge description master.

By Gary R. Fong, Randy Wiitala, Frederick Stodolak


Success Under Reform Through Revenue Cycle Excellence

A comprehensive self-analysis of the revenue cycle will uncover abundant opportunities for bottom-line improvement.

By Daniel Thiry, Mike Evans, Lisa Walter, Suresh Ramanathan


Web Extra: View a list of the potential impacts and risks of implementing ICD-10

Web Extra: View a sample of a revenue cycle work plan


Healthcare BI: A Tool for Meaningful Analysis

Implementing a business intelligence system signals a hospital's readiness to embrace the future of data analysis for performance improvement.

By Rose Rohloff


Web Extra: A hypothetical case example demonstrates the value of business intelligence tools for trending analysis.


The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Hospital Costing Systems

Learn how reform will change hospital costing systems-and five strategies to help your organization adapt.

By Paul Selivanoff


Web Extra: Learn why detailed cost accounting is a must in an era of reform

Focus Areas


Future Pension Accounting Changes: Implications for Hospitals

Potentially significant changes in pension accounting requirements would affect hospitals' statement of operations and increase the effort and cost to comply with financial reporting requirements.

By Tim Weld, Gina Klein



Strengthening Revenue Cycle Capabilities in an Era of Payment Reform

Several revenue cycle application systems will be essential to responding effectively to payment reform.

By John Glaser


From the Chair

My "Because of HFMA..." List

A "because of HFMA…" list expresses all of the wonderful benefits that can come from active involvement in HFMA.

By Debora Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA


From the President

Inviting Payers to the Party

The government's accountable care organization regulations show the importance of fostering value in health care.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

A Sunny Day

Even in the midst of ominous payment outlook,it's possible for hospitals to identify important business opportunities.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

ACO Regs, Round 1

By Gail Wilensky



Cloud Computing: Innovating the Business of Health Care

By Edward Giniat


Capital Finance

Endowment Income for the Post-Reform Era

By William Jarvis


Data Trends

The Evolution of Physician Compensation: What's Next?



Member Profile: Reaching Out to Japan


Executive Interview

Gordon T. Edwards: Lessons Learned About EHR Incentive Payments

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