Cover Story


Finding the Best Strategy for Service Distribution

Two Indiana healthcare organizations provide a case study in how best to create a regional service delivery plan. 

By Mark E. Grube, Walter W. Morrissey





Lessons from Successful Hospital Consolidations

The prospect of a merger can be disconcerting for community hospital leaders. Success can depend on how well they apply the lessons learned from hospitals that have traveled this path before. 

By Howard J. Peterson


Financing the Future of Independent Community Hospitals

Staying viable as an independent community hospital is not easy in today's environment. But the experiences of one hospital demonstrate that it can be done. 

By Alan P. Richman


Aligning Managed Care Contracts, Compensation Plans and Incentive Models

New third-party payment models have significant implications not just for providers' revenue streams, but also for how providers structure physician compensation and incentives. 

By Michael E. Nugent


Understanding the Variables in Planning Infrastructure Projects

Assessing infrastructure needs through a disciplined process helps hospital executives maximize their investments and avoid any costly surprises. 

By Michael Sherman


6 Strategies for Buliding Bundled Payments

Healthcare organizations nationwide can take a lesson from leading health systems that have taken steps to successfully develop bundled payments, lower costs, and maintain or improve quality of care.  

By Kent Giles


Maryland's All-Payer System: A Delicate Balancing Act

Maryland's all-payer system has lowered healthcare costs, but also has driven down hospitals' operating margins and driven up debt. 

By Karen Wagner


HITECH Security Mandates for Healthcare Organizations

New rules governing data security and breaches are more prescriptive than the HIPAA rules, and the government is stepping up enforcement. 

By Mac McMillan

Focus Areas


Interoperability: The Key to Breaking Down Information Silos in Health Care

From a healthcare technology perspective, interoperability involves data exchange, infrastructure interoperability, user interface interoperability, and process interoperability.

By John Glaser



Measuring Cost When Inpatient Service Acuity Varies

Equivalent acute patient days (EAPDs) are more accurate than adjusted patient days (APDs) for analyzing hospital cost increases over time if inpatient types differ significantly in terms of acuity. 

By George Koutsakos


Revenue Cycle

Courting a Better Bottom Line with Probate Recovery

The probate process is a way to recover hospital payment while respecting the feelings of the patient's loved ones and protecting the hospital's reputation and bottom line. 

By Angela Horn


From the Chair

The Game in Review

Finance leaders who don't make the time to review dashboards and other management reports may miss out on opportunities for themselves and their organizations. 

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

The Value Transformation

At a recent retreat, financial leaders agree on the need to shift focus from volume to value. 

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

Learning to DriveAs the healthcare system changes, hospitals need to look at themselves with a fresh perspective. 

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Improving Value in Medicaid

Controlling Medicaid spending is among the states' most difficult budgetary challenges. They are realizing that they must focus on improving the value Medicaid spending delivers. 

By Gail R. Wilensky



The Economics of Physician-Hospital Relationships

Hospital CFOs play an important role in driving the economic value of their organization's medical practices.

By Marc D. Halley


Data Trends

Patient Stays Increase in 2011



Member Spotlight: It's All in the Hands


Publication Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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