Cover Story


What Makes a Physician Revenue Cycle Tick?  

To boost the bottom line of an acquired physician practice, a hospital should first establish a shared understanding of the hospital's overall game plan. 

By Thomas Freeman, Stan Stephen




 Q & A

Jim Zadoorian: A New Approach to Receivables Performace  


Web Extra: Learn about the patented approach that Zadoorian and his company have developed and implemented for valuing and trading hospital receivables on the open market.

HFMA Special Research Report

Research Shows Path to Revenue Cycle Gains Through Effective Benchmarking


Hospital Revenues in Critical Condition  

Not-for-profit hospital revenue growth has declined to its lowest level in two decades. Revenue pressure is coming from Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payers, patient volume, uncompensated care, ICD-10, and fee-for-service and bundled payment.  

By Lisa Goldstein


The Forecast for RAC Extrapolation: Mostly Cloudy

Learn what action steps hospitals should consider in preparing for RAC extrapolation. 

By Elizabeth Goldman, Robert Jacobs, Ellen Scott, Bonnie Scott


Building a Structure to Support Optimal Revenue Integrity  

Clinical and financial staffs at Intermountain Healthcare are collaborating effectively on revenue integrity approach to enhance compliance and improve charge capture. 

By Kelley Blair


Web Extra: Learn how to assess areas of revenue and compliance risk to develop a culture of revenue integrity.


Acknowledging the Importance of BAI Accounts  

Hospitals should not underestimate the importance of excellent customer service in billing and collections for self-pay accounts. 

By Steve Levin


Self-Service Payoff

With growing patient financial obligations, providers require new revenue cycle management strategies, such as implementing self-service technology to simplify billing work.  

By Jeffrey Kao


Increasing Up-Front Payments with a Preservice Financial Checklist

A preservice financial checklist can be an indispensable tool for maximizing preservice collections while building and retaining good and long-lasting relationships with patients.

By David Mason


Web Extra: Sample Preservice Financial Checklist and Script for Front-Office Staff


Focused Training Boosts Revenue Cycle Skills, Accountability  

A health system tells of how an initiative to raise the knowledge and skill sets of its revenue cycle professionals has had ripple effects in terms of efficiency, satisfaction, and the bottom line. 

By Craig Richmond


Transforming the Back Office with a Single Keystroke

Intelligent data capture technology helps healthcare organizations supplement electronic health record automation trends and create efficiency, freeing up money and personnel to serve their mission. 

By Charles Kaplan


The Hidden KPI: Registration Accuracy

Implementing a quality assurance process to improve registration accuracy can help healthcare organizations improve their revenue cycle and the results of the revenue cycle KPIs. 

By Paul Shorrosh

Focus Areas

Cost and Quality

The Call for Innovation

To help promote innovation in health care, nursing and finance leaders should asking "why" and "why not" questions and advocate for eliminating barriers to innovation.

By Kathleen Sanford


From The Chair

Keep Moving

HFMA Chair Greg Adams describes why a key to success is maintaining maximum effort, even after early wins.

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

Budget Mess

Compromise on the economy is challenging in a polarized environment.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

A Day at the Beach

The discussion about the revenue cycle is now including the physician revenue cycle specifically and revenue growth generally.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Healthcare Spending: Good News/Bad News

The July 2011 report by the CMS actuaries contains good news and bad news-depending on one's perspective.

By Gail Wilensky



Using Business Intelligence for Competitive Advantage

The use of data analytics is emerging as a key discipline for healthcare finance. 

By Edward Giniat


Inside IT

Closing the Healthcare Communication Gap   

By Keith Figlioli


Capital Finance

Finger on the Pulse: A Look at the Future for Not-for-Profit Healthcare Organizations

By William Jarvis


Data Trends

Trends in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management



Member Spotlight: The Power of the Pen


Executive Interview

Vincent Schmitz: A Capital Strategy that can Weather Tough Times


Publication Date: Thursday, September 01, 2011

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