As a reminder, the Regional Executive Council set targets for chapter performance on the Chapter Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) in the areas of education, membership, membership satisfaction, certification, days' cash on hand, and on-time reporting. These elements and metrics are reviewed annually.

At its June 26 meeting, the Regional Executive Council voted to align the chapter balanced scorecard with the national balanced scorecard by adjusting the education goal to the lesser of 0.5% growth over last year or 14.2 education hours/member. Historically the national balanced scorecard metrics are set at the second highest performance level attained in the last five years. For the 2009-10 DCMS year, the hours per member were 14.2; for 2010-11 the hours per member were 15.9.

The summary of the 2011-12 CBSC elements and weights, the Excel mockup of the 2011-12 CBSC, and the 2011-12 CBSC progress report now reflect the changes to the education goals.