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0412_HFM_CoverThe New Wave of Hospital Consolidation

Payment challenges, spiraling healthcare costs, and a slow economic recovery are some market forces that have ignited the national explosion of consolidation. 

By Lisa Goldstein




Q & A

Jon Kingsdale: Benefits and Challenges of Health Insurance Exchanges

Jon Kingsdale, PhD, who helped set up the health insurance exchange in Massachusetts, discusses benefits and challenges of these exchanges and how hospitals and health systems can prepare for them.

Web Extra: Preparing for Increased Churn in Patient Eligibility in 2014


Evolve and Integrate: A New Imperative for Ambulatory Care

Developing a fully integrated ambulatory care system is a critical strategy for ensuring success under healthcare reform.  

By Tracy Johnson, Suzanne Borgos


Automation Is Key to Managing a Population's Health

Successful population health management depends on substantial clinical data integration across the care enterprise and automated tools for engaging patients in their own care. 

By Michael Matthews, Richard Hodach

Web Extra: Online Health Risk Assessment   

Web Extra: Registry-Based Report

Web Extra: A Perspective: Build or Buy?  

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place, Every Time

Intermountain Healthcare implemented a new patient flow process, improving quality, efficiency, and increasing bed capacity. 

By Nancy Nowak, Holly Rimmasch, Ann Kirby, Chad Kellogg


Physician Aquisition: What to Avoid After the Deal Is Complete

Learn four areas where hospitals typically encounter challenges after acquiring a physician practice-and strategies for successful integration.

By Mark Driscoll, Anthony Long


Predictive Analytics Can Support the ACO Model

Healthcare organizations can use predictive analytics to prevent readmissions and to determine which procedures and care methods are likely to produce the most effective outcomes.  

By Paul Bradley

Web Extra: Sample Reports for Predictive Analytics  

Gauging the Financial Impact of Physicians on Hospitals

Data on physician activity and revenue within hospitals can inform a hospital's strategy to employ or financially integrate with physicians.  

By James Lifton


Achieving Benchmark Financial Performance in CAHs: Lessons from High Performers

By M. Alexis Kirk, George Holmes, George Pink

Focus Areas


Strategies for Responding to RAC Requests Electronically

Providers that would like to respond to complex RAC reviews electronically should consider three strategies.

By Michael Schramm



Preparing for Medicaid Managed Care

As Medicaid enrollment continues to rise, hospitals and health systems could benefit from contracting with Medicaid managed care as plans. 

By Connie Perez


From the Chair

Going for the Win

Healthcare leaders can take a lesson from the NBA point guard greats: They will achieve more when they do their best to support their teammates without concern about who is credited for success. 

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

What's Your Focus?

Although a focus on quality and customer service is important, healthcare leaders should not shy away from a focus and branding on cost efficiency.  

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

Making Connections   

Healthcare leaders must consider a great variety of dimensions as they strive to create connections that will achieve a true system.  

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Consensus on Medicare Savings Is Closer than It Seems

When it comes to achieving savings in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, Republicans and Democrats in Washington aren't as far apart as one might think.

By Chad Mulvany


Business Intelligence

Making Care Coordination and Clinical Integration Pay Off

Organizations that are integrated and have the requisite business intelligence to support coordinated care will more rapidly achieve the promise of such care in terms of both cost and the quality.  

By Dean Coddington, Keith Moore


Healthcare Value

7 Tactics to Reduce Variation in Clinical Practice

The healthcare reform environment and the drive for improved value have created a critical need to ensure physicians deliver evidence-based and cost-effective care that produces predictable outcomes.  

By John Byrnes


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Create a Culture of First-Class Service

How hospitals can provide first-class service while significantly strengthening their bottom lines. 

By Karen Wagner


Executive Interview

Cyndi Pittman: Finance and Quality Work Hand in Hand


Data Trends

Revenue and Expenses Declined in 2011, But Both Show Increases when Patient Severity Is Considered  



Member Spotlight: Remembering the Titanic   

Publication Date: Monday, April 02, 2012

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