Cover Story

02_HFM_cover_webUsing Technology to Reveal True Costs

A lack of good costing data is a barrier to achieving value in healthcare organizations. Learn how to select and implement technologies designed to improve costing. 

By John Glaser, Ajit Sett





Don't Lose Money with Your Technology Upgrade

After a technology upgrade, a hospital should take specific steps to preempt issues that could lead to decreased revenue. 

By Richard B. Miller, Brian B. Sanderson


Do EHR Investments Lead to Lower Staffing Levels?

A study used FTE employees per adjusted occupied bed as a measure to ascertain the effect of EHR investments on labor productivity.

By Jeffrey Helton, Jim Langabeer, Jami DelliFraine, Chiehwen (Ed) Hsu,

Web Extra: Using Ordinary Least Squares Regression to Complete Operational Analyses   

Dynamic CDM Strategies in an EHR Environment

Hospital finance leaders should view a dynamic charge description master as a critical element in their organizations' strategy for building a truly integrated EHR system.  

By Michael Bieker, Spencer Bailey


Developing Capabilities for Real-Time Capacity Management

Learning to use existing capacity more efficiently may be the fastest way for hospitals and health systems to generate revenue. 

By Jason Baim


Storing Radiology Images in the Reform Era: What CFOs Need to Know

New technology systems help hospitals cut costs as they prepare for rapid growth in radiology imaging.  

By Mariano Maluf, Janakan Rajendran


ICD-10: From Assessment to Remediation to Strategic Opportunity

This case study about Geisinger Health System's ICD-10 implementation offers lessons to organizations that are just beginning to implement ICD-10. 

By John Dugan

Focus Areas


FASB's ASU 2011-7 Changes Financial Statement Reporting Requirements   

FASB's new Accounting Standards Update 2011-07 will change how healthcare entities accumulate and report major portions of their financial statements. 

By Alan Reinstein, Natalie Tatiana Churyk


From the Chair

Technology Across the Care Continuum

As you consider technology investments, keep your community in mind. 

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

Rethinking Business Intelligence  

To drive value, hospitals will need business intelligence tools that complement their new business processes. 

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA,FHFMA


From the Editor

Linking Technology and Goals  

This issue of hfm shows how to make sure your IT keeps pace with a changing delivery system. 

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Preparing for Health Insurance Exchanges  

Despite the unsettled legal, political, and regulatory environments surrounding health insurance exchanges, providers can ill-afford to delay planning for their impact.  

By Chad Mulvany


Business Intelligence

Shutting the Door on Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

A primary care group in Denver used business intelligence to reduce its readmission rate to 1 percent. 

By Dean C. Coddington


Healthcare Value

Physician Champions Drive Value-But How Do You Find Them?  

The environment of healthcare reform and the drive for quality and cost containment have created a critical need for physician champions who can deliver on the value proposition.  

By John Byrnes


Strategy Challenge

Which System is the Best Target for a Close Affliation?  

Leaders at a safety net hospital consider which health system they should affiliate with. 

By Alan Zuckerman

Web Extra: Safety Net Hospital Meeting Request and Questions for Potential Affiliates


5 Ways To...

5 Ways to Engage Physicians in Financial Decision Making

A business specialist offers five strategies for effectively working with physicians to improve value. 

By Karen Wagner



Member Spotlight: Making A Difference Far From Home

Executive Interview

Katherine Arbuckle and Melinda Hancock: A Clinical Transformation Journey




Publication Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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