Cover Story


Leading Change in a New Era

Four healthcare finance leaders share their strategies for creating a roadmap for change that leads to cost efficiencies and accountability as cornerstones of a new culture.

By Patrick Reilly


From CFO to CEO: Transitioning to the Top Spot

Four CFOs share how they rose to the position of CEO and offer strategies for other CFOs hoping to make the transition.

By Jeni Williams


Value-Based Purchasing: A Preview of Quality Scoring and Incentive Payments

Findings of a recent study suggest that some types of hospitals participating in CMS's Value-Based Purchasing program can expect to perform much better than other types.

By Ed Klein, Paul Shoemaker


A Better Outlook for ACOs?   

CMS's final regulations for ACOs make an ACO strategy seem more appealing, but hospitals still will need to perform a careful assessment of their readiness to pursue this strategy. 

By John M. Harris, Idette Elizondo, Molly Johnson 

Web Extra: 3 Steps to Analyze Your Organization's ACO Opportunity


Bundled Pricing: Overcoming the First Hurdles

Developing a bundled price offering requires careful planning and leads providers and physicians down the road to delivering better care. 

By Michael Abrams, Simone Cummings 

Web Extra: Physician Scoreboard


A Patient-Focused Model for Cost Reduction

Finance can collaborate with others in their organizations to identify the patients who are cost drivers and find solutions to reduce those costs.

By Richard D. Wagner, Allison O'Connor, Michael A. Moore


Focused Factories: Meeting the Challenges of Payment Reform

Hospitals that are structured as systems of focused factories-providing bundles of care in a variety of service lines-will be better positioned to compete under value-based business models. 

By John N. Fink 

Web Extra: Learn the Top Five Advantages of a Focused Factory Under Payment Reform

Focus Areas


Managing the Market

The increasing structural integration among healthcare providers now requires active maintenance of referral relationships and active management of the operating capital formation process. 

By Marc D. Halley



Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans: Opportunities for Providers

The Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan offers opportunities for providers to optimize revenues-but not without risks.

By Richard Parker 

Web Extra: Spending for PCIP at Federal and State Levels


From the Chair

Leading Change

Leading change goes beyond merely adapting to it.

By Greg Adams, FHFMA


From the President

Common Challenges

HFMA is fostering an exchange of information between the U.K. and U.S. about quality and cost.

By Richard L. Clarke, DHA, FHFMA


From the Editor

The Destination of Change

Getting people excited about change requires showing them where the change leads.

By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief


Eye on Washington

Reforming the Delivery System

Last year's Affordable Care Act included some limited delivery system reforms. Now is a good time to review how these reforms are progressing. 

By Gail R. Wilensky



CFO Skills for Today and Tomorrow

Healthcare CFOs need to replace numbers thinking with vision and strategy.

By Kathy Noland, Mark Madden


Healthcare Value

Are Patients Accountable for Value?

Patients' willingness to seek out appropriate services, maintain a healthy lifestyle and adhere to prescribed treatments will affect the quality of care and should reduce long-term costs of care.

By James H. Landman


Capital Finance

Organizational Debt Levels: Harbinger of Change?

For U.S. healthcare organizations, debt has been increasing steadily for many years, the tide, however, may be turning. 

By William F. Jarvis


5 Ways to ...

5 Ways to Retain Revenue Cycle Talent

Learn five strategies for retaining revenue cycle staff.

By Tracey Dudek


Data Trends

Overall Costs for Rural Care Lower Than for Urban Care


Member Spotlight: The Golden Touch


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