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Labor Cost Audit Produces Savings without Layoffs

Good Samaritan Hospital became more labor efficient by focusing not on how many employees are being paid, but on how and why they are being paid—and saved nearly $2 million.


Eliminating Hidden Waste Leads to Bigger, Sustainable Savings

Value-based thinking employed through utilization management has resulted in more than $3 million in savings for one medical center.


At Sacred Heart, All Employees—Including Finance—Take Time Off During Low Census Periods

The initiative spreads responsibility for taking time off during periods of low census to all employees, rather than clinicians alone.


Better Supply Chain, Better Health Care

Learn how Memorial Hermann Health System lowers costs while improving quality.


At Adventist, Energy Procurement Is Reducing Costs

Energy procurement has become a centerpiece of cost-control efforts at Adventist HealthCare, Rockville, Md.


Reducing Costs through Voice Recognition Transcription

Advanced voice recognition software helped a health system save $1 million in less than three years.


Expert Shares Strategies for Becoming a Supply Chain Leader

Learn the strategies five healthcare systems have employed to become supply chain leaders.


Researchers Identify Ways to Reduce Waste, Cut Cost in OR

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified strategies for implementing environmentally friendly practices that could reduce costs while posing no risk to patient safety.


Web Extra: Turning Transparency into $7.5 Million in Savings

By throwing out its outsourcing strategy and reigning in materials management, a fiscally challenged medical center has significantly reduced costs and enabled the center to take steps toward a firmer financial future.


Web Extra: Getting the Logistics Right

Healthcare providers are trying innovative approaches to ensure that the right supplies and medications are reaching the right patient at the right time. A special preview of an HFMA Leadership article.


Web Extra: MRSA Screening in ICU Can Reduce Costs

Screening patients in the intensive care unit for MRSA helps to reduce length of stay and decrease hospital costs, according to a recent study.