The Regional Executive Council added Provider Percentage to the 2012-13 Chapter Balanced Scorecard (CBSC), and we've received a few questions on how HFMA defines and tracks providers.

Keep in mind that all chapters are grandfathered in for the 2012-13 CBSC, so every chapter will automatically receive points for this goal. As your chapter goes through its succession planning, keep this goal in mind when recruiting future leaders.

How does HFMA define "board"? Does it include both the officers and directors? Are ex-officio members included in the board count?

The key here is whether a member is a voting director for the chapter. This is defined in each chapter's bylaws and varies from chapter to chapter. Ex-officio members count only if they are voting directors.

Who is considered a provider?

Providers and non-providers are defined under the "organization" code column (found in the far right column) of each chapter's roster  (HFMA Member Profile Codes details the function, position, and organization codes included on each roster). The following organization codes identify providers.

Organization Code
0001: Hospital or Medical Center
0010: Health System Headquarters/Corporate Offices
0002: Ambulatory Care Clinic
0003: Home Health Agency
0006: Medical Group or Specialty Practice
0043: Physician Practice Management Firm
0005: Skilled Nursing Rehab or Other Subacute Facility
0004: Other Provider or Clinical Services

What happens if someone starts the year as a provider and accepts a new job as a vendor?

The composition is captured at the start of the chapter year. If a voting director's status changes during the chapter year the change would not be reflected in the board count.

Why did the Council bring back the board count to the CBSC?

The Council acknowledged that a balance between providers and vendors helps create a strong chapter. Vendors provide many resources to the chapter, however when the ratio becomes too heavily weighted towards vendors, it can inhibit both vendor and provider participation.

Publication Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012