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Summer 2012 Enewsletter

Capital Finance

Investing in Assets that Benefit from Inflation  

By Adam Smith

By investing in commodities, TIPS, and REITS, healthcare organizations can steer around the "silent tax" of inflation.

Business Intelligence  

8 Strategies for Employing BI and Managing Data Chaos  

By Mark Scott and Barbara Wood

Eight strategic steps can help ensure a successful business intelligence launch.

Facility Planning  

Master Planning the Health System of the Next Generation  

By Scot Latimer

12 guiding principles can help healthcare leaders develop and implement a master plan that guides operations and facilities.

Summer 2012 Print Issue

Data Metrics & Analysis

Equity Versus Adequacy of Managed Care Contracts  

By William O. Cleverley and James O. Cleverley

The Cleverleys identify a methodology and metrics that hospital finance leaders can use to benchmark managed care payments. The authors also suggest four negotiation approaches to use with payers.

Growth Strategies  

Continuing Care Networks: Affiliating with Post-Acute Providers  

By Lauren Phillips

To reduce readmissions and position for bundled payment, Detroit Medical Center and HealthEast Care System are building continuing care networks with local post-acute care providers.

Web Exclusives  

Bringing Post-Acute Care into the Fold  

An interview with Kathleen Griffin

A nationally recognized expert on post-acute integration provides detailed advice on four possible ways to partner with skilled nursing facilities and other post-acute providers: ownership, joint ventures, management services organizations, and continuing care networks.

HealthEast Post-Acute Discharge Checklist  

Hospital nurses and other clinical staff can adapt this checklist to help ensure that care is coordinated with skilled nursing facilities.

Risk Radar  

What Travel Surgery Means to Community Hospitals  

An interview with Arnold Milstein

Milstein believes the travel surgery phenomenon will gather steam very slowly but speed up considerably if the Cadillac tax goes into effect. Community hospitals may want to take notice.

Budgeting & Forecasting  

Integrated Rolling Forecasts: The Foundation for Sustainable Cost Reduction

By Dean Sorensen

What's needed is greater integration between decision support and four types of planning (i.e., strategic, financial, operational, and clinical).

Planning Insights  

When Is an IT Project Not an IT Project?

By Don Lewis and Dave Wittenberg

Approaching every project as a business project (i.e., an opportunity to sustain and advance the organization's mission) maximizes the effectiveness of the capital budget.

The Long View  

Bundled Payment: Good Cost Accounting Moves to the Fore  

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

Most providers are already improving quality, but pricing their services right is just as important to financial survival.

Finance at a Glance

Risk Factors for Data Breaches

The percentage of hospitals reporting data breaches is on the rise.


Publication Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2012