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Winter 2012 eNewsletter

Accounting Changes

Lease Accounting Changes and Debt Covenants: Do You Know Your Risk?
By Jeff Fivecoat and Tyler Bernier

The authors illustrate how the upcoming lease accounting changes would financially impact a fictional healthcare organization - and outline potential debt covenant risks associated with these changes.

Capital Financing 

Picking the Right Credit Agency
By James D. Neil

Should you go with Fitch, Moody's, or S&P on your next rated bond issue? Consider five factors when deciding.  

Winter 2012 Issue

Data Metrics & Analysis 

Predicting Medicare Profitability in 2010 and Beyond
By William O. Cleverley and Scott Houk

Cleverley's and Houk's analysis suggests that hospitals will realize a positive margin from Medicare in 2010 - depending, in part, on five critical drivers of inpatient profitability. The authors also found a strong correlation between hospital mortality index scores and cost.

Growth Opportunities 

Chronic Pain Management: An Overlooked Option for Service Line Expansion
By V. Gerard Ippolito and Lee Hedman

In a mature pain management program employing one pain physician, annual revenue from facility fees alone can range from $2.5 million to $3 million. Revenue from professional fees represent another $1 million. The authors provide seven success factors that are key to a high-performing pain management service.  

Web Exclusive 

Frequently Denied Pain Codes

Ippolito and Hedman provide a list of pain codes that are commonly denied by payers - and reasons for these denials. 

The Long View

Bending the Cost Curve: DIY
A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

Economics 101 offers a proven tool that other industries constantly use to cut costs: input substitution.

Financing Strategies 

How CFOs Can Collaborate with Fundraising-and Vice Versa
By Lauren Philips

A good strategic relationship between finance and development has enormous value, especially in periods of economic downturn. Here are four strategies that CFOs can use to improve collaboration between finance and development.  

Web Exclusive 

Effective Fundraising in Tough Times

Learn how four healthcare organizations are fighting the fundraising odds - and increasing philanthropy dollars.  

Ask the Expert 

Keys to Successful Physician Integration
By James J. Pizzo

This column from our newsletter sponsor, Kaufman, Hall & Associates, identifies four keys to successful hospital-physician integration.

Strategic Investments 

Top 10 Strategic Choices Facing Ambulatory Leaders
By Tracy Johnson

Making the right strategic choices for ambulatory care services development will maximize the strategic value of outpatient services and position healthcare providers for future success.

Capital Challenge 

Financing Properties with a Third-Party Net Lease Capital Model
By Jim Moloney, Michael Davis, and Fred Berliner

A flexibly structured net lease capital model provided a multi-state health system with needed capital - within 90 days - to fund construction on two new medical properties.

Capital Allocations 

Investing in Social Media May Pay Off in Patient Volumes
An interview with Jane Donohue

"Social media can help create and sustain patient loyalty and is an affordable but powerful communication tool to engage with your patient base and community," says Jane Donohue, PhD, senior vice president, YouGov Healthcare.