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Richard L. Gundling, FHFMA, CMA, Vice President, Healthcare Financial Practices, HFMA
Suzanne Lestina, FHFMA, CPC, Director, Revenue Cycle MAP, HFMA
Todd Nelson, MBA, Technical Director, Senior Financial Executives, HFMA
Andrea Strudeman, MBA, Product Manager MAP App, HFMA

Webinar Summary

This session will introduce members of the revenue cycle team to fundamentals in finance and accounting that can make it easier to communicate performance to organizational leadership. Attendees will learn how applying just a few key concepts when submitting MAP App data can aid the integrity of peer comparisons and improve the organization's ability to use the data for budgeting, strategic planning, and investment decisions. This free webinar is exclusive to MAP App subscribers.

After This Webinar You Will Be Able To:

  • Tie MAP App submissions to your monthly financial statements
  • Recognize differences between bad debt write-offs and provision of bad debt
  • Understand relationships among charges, gross revenue, and net revenue
  • Properly submit charity care data for tracking and recognition
  • Use MAP App data to communicate performance externally, including applying for HFMA's MAP Award

Tools and Takeaways

  • Examples of how to submit MAP App data that supports core finance and accounting principles
  • Strategies for communicating revenue cycle performance with the senior leadership team
  • Samples of how to integrate MAP Keys into organizational goals and performance measures
  • Tips for ensuring data meets HFMA's MAP Award standards

Intended Audience

Revenue cycle executives, directors and managers; HIM executives; data analysts; and others who routinely gather report, and analyze MAP App data