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Suzanne Lestina, FHFMA, CPC
Director, Revenue Cycle/MAP

Webinar Summary

In the complex world of third party reimbursement and quality initiatives, there lies at the core the ability to communicate the data necessary to meet these requirements. Hospitals and other health care providers rely on the UB-04 data set as the primary communication source for reimbursement and quality reporting. Inaccurate or missing data impacts a providers ability to release claims to appropriate third party payers, affects payment timeliness and can result in lost revenue.

This session will provide a comprehensive review of the required UB-04 data elements, with an emphasis on identifying how and where data capture occurs. New modifications will be highlighted. A review of the new HIPAA transactions standards, 837I-5010, will also be discussed. The participants will learn what key activities must be completed in order to ensure a successful conversion and understand the industry's progress towards implementing the 837I-5010 and adopting ICD-10.

After This Webinar You Will Be Able To:

  • Manage effective data capture
  • Communicate the requirements of UB-04 data elements
  • Deal with issues and meet key milestones in preparing for 5010 and ICD-10 conversions

Intended Audience 

Revenue cycle leaders, including directors of Patient Financial Services, patient access, patient accounts, revenue integrity, quality assurance and staff involved in data gathering, revenue capture, medical coding process and IT systems of the revenue cycle process.