A successful career in healthcare financial management requires you to develop and maintain both technical and managerial competencies. The healthcare finance industry needs managers who have technical strengths and are willing to assume leadership. Promotions are earned by providing results. HFMA suggests the following for developing your fullest potential.

    Steps to get you started:

    • Review the "How To Advance a Career" checklist
    • Assess your skills and competencies.
    • Join HFMA/Renew your membership
    • Understand the competencies of your organization and your industry and create a network to gradually build a pipeline of job leads and to learn about and solidify career interests
    • Become the resident expert – Develop and share your technical knowledge and skills by earning an HFMA Certification  
    • Take the challenge – Volunteer for special projects and be willing to assume leadership responsibility.
    • Hone your public speaking and presentation skills – Successful managers and executives know how to communicate to varied constituencies: Toastmasters International

    Self Assessments

    What is a self assessment about? A self assessment should be among the first steps you take when choosing a career direction. Learning about yourself helps you select what direction to pursue. New self-assessments will be posted soon. In the meantime, if you require assistance, please contact careerservices@hfma.org.



      Career Services — Inquiries
      For more information about the HFMA Certification Programs and Career Resources, contact the Career Services Department at careerservices@hfma.org or at (800) 252-4362 and ask for Career Services.