If you're new to healthcare financial management or would like to know how to enter the field, HFMA recommends the following actions and resources.

Personal Checklist

Steps to take before getting started:

  • Consider a mentor — Mentors are invaluable because of their first-hand perspective. Is there a leader in your organization or in the industry who you admire? Ask them if they would be willing to mentor you; if not, ask them if they have any advice. 
  • Identify and assess your transferable skills. See assessment below.
  • Understand the required competencies for the position you seek
  • Develop the competencies you need to qualify
  • Create a professional network
  • Join HFMA/Renew HFMA membership


What is a self-assessment about?
A self-assessment should be among the first steps you take when choosing a career direction. Learning about yourself helps you select what direction to pursue. The self-assessments present HFMA’s finance competencies and are structured to identify required capabilities for the professional staff, managerial and executive levels. Taking the assessment is easy and you can use the results of the skills assessment to initiate career development by acquiring the skills you need for a particular position. Email careerservices@hfma.org with questions.



Career Services — Inquiries
For more information about the HFMA Certification Programs and Career Resources, contact the Career Services Department at careerservices@hfma.org or at (800) 252-4362 and ask for Career Services.