This is a summary of HFMA benefits. The actual plan documents will serve to determine eligibility and governance for each individual benefit plan.

Health and Dental Insurance

To protect you and your family, HFMA offers medical plans including a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) option and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) option. All of these medical plans provide prescription drug coverage.

Dental Insurance

To provide you and your family with coverage, dental coverage is available.

Group Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides you and your family with important financial protection in an amount equal to two times an employee's annual salary.

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance provides protection to all full-time employees in cases of serious injuries or accidents.


HFMA provides a 401k plan to which you and the association contribute.

HFMA's Flexible Savings Account

An FSA plan allows employees to have pre-tax dollars deducted from their salaries to help pay for medical, dental, other health expenses, and day care expenses.

Vacation and Holidays

HFMA offers vacation and personal days based on your length of service. To recognize national holidays, the Association observes seven or more paid holidays each year.

Flex Days

Flexibility is key and HFMA offers the scheduled day off program. By working a little bit extra each day, some employees can take an additional day off every two weeks.

Tuition Reimbursement

HFMA will financially assist employees seeking to improve their skills and achieve Association goals through participation in educational courses or degree programs.

Employee Assistance Plan

The EAP assists you and your family with professional counseling related to marital, family and relationship discord, parenting problems, depression, child care, elder care, and financial and legal counseling.

Health Club

At our Westchester location, the Association provides membership at the local fitness center.