Before using HFMA discussion boards, please acquaint yourself with our rules and etiquette.

Message subject and content. Message content should be directly related to the healthcare finance professional's concerns and responsibilities. Make sure that the content of your message can be understood by everyone. Try not to use acronyms that are not universally understood by everyone.

Participants are urged to use care when posting. Giving away too much provider-specific information could lead to potential legal actions, unwelcome solicitations, etc.

For more on this, read Be Smart about Posting on Discussion Boards  

No solicitations. Discussion board participants may not advertise or use the list for any marketing purposes without the express permission of HFMA. Any such postings without HFMA permission will be removed.

HFMA wants our discussion boards to be reserved for honest conversations about topics and not outright or thinly veiled solicitations. Participants who have services to offer can refer to them within the velocity of an ongoing discussion in which someone is searching for a solution that your service offers.

In addition, HFMA does not allow job postings on our discussion boards. Those with positions available should visit our Job Bank

Pricing information. For legal reasons, the topics of pricing, charge levels, specific contractual rates, or discount levels with suppliers or payers cannot be discussed on the listserv.

Accuracy of information. All participants are responsible for the accuracy of their own postings.

While HFMA will regularly monitor our discussion boards and lists, the Association takes no responsibility for contents posted by participants; nor does HFMA take responsibility for the opinions expressed by participants.

Courtesy. Participants are urged to edit and review their messages before posting. Comments made in anger, frustration, etc., are unacceptable and will be removed from the discussion board by the list manager. All postings should be of a professional, impersonal nature.

Please do not type the entire message in caps.

Please honor requests by participants seeking replies to their personal e-mails instead of flooding the list. Requests for documents from a particular participant should be sent to that individual, and not the entire list.

Copyright. Participants may not post material for which they do not own the copyright, such as magazine articles, Internet articles, etc. Participants may post the Internet address (URL) of these articles.
All messages posted on HFMA discussion boards are dedicated to the use by members of the discussion boards and by HFMA; the Association may reproduce the information contained in the messages for future reference.

Removal from the list. HFMA will send a warning to any participant who violates any of these rules. Any participant who violates the rules more than three times will be removed permanently from the list.

Acceptance of all terms and conditions. On posting of the first message, the participant hereby agrees to all terms and conditions listed.


Publication Date: Tuesday, September 06, 2011