• Leadership Magazine, Spring 2012

    Improving Coordination & Efficiency 


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    Medication Handoffs: Mending the Gaps

    Providers are testing high-tech and low-tech solutions to curb medication mistakes inside the hospital and missed doses after patients return home. 

    Coordinating Care Across Sites

    Progressive hospitals and health systems are systematically coordinating patients' care outside their own walls by testing new approaches, partnerships, and technologies. 

    The Quest to Accomplish More with Less

    Innovative hospitals and health systems are not wasting time complaining about their expanding to-do lists. Instead, they are focused on finding solutions to combat growing demands.  


    A Short Course from a Master
    Brent James, MD, MStat, chief quality officer, Intermountain Healthcare

    "The key role of senior leaders is to build the infrastructure, says Brent James, MD, MStat. "The most important part of infrastructure is the data systems you use." 

    The Invisible Challenge of Care Coordination
    Gerri Lamb, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate professor, Arizona State University

    "Care coordination is very hard work," says Gerri Lamb. "Connecting the different parts of the healthcare system and making those parts work together is really tough." 

    Say "Yes" to Innovation
    Roger Baker, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs

    The use of tablets instead of computers has the potential to improve productivity and patient care in VA hospitals, says Roger Baker.  


    Scripps' Restructure Unleashes Dramatic Results 
    Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO, Scripps Health

    Scripps Health's radical new matrix management structure led to $48 million in cost cuts and $29 million in revenue increases-in just one year.  

    Breakthrough Map

    Unclogging Patient Flow in the ED and Beyond 

    This infographic highlights more than 20 innovative practices that hospitals and health systems are adopting to improve patient flow in the ED and beyond.  


    From the Editor
    By Robert Fromberg, Editor-in-Chief
    Leaders in all healthcare stakeholder groups have been working hard to transform our healthcare system into one that delivers safe, seamless, effective care. 

    IT Leadership: A Look Ahead
    By Timothy R. Zoph, CIO, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

    Zoph highlights five IT topics that require collaboration among all healthcare leaders. 

    A Coffee Dichotomy
    By Todd Nelson, technical director, HFMA

    The dichotomy between two coffee experiences got Nelson thinking about the messages we are sending as healthcare leaders. "What is your tone from the top?" 

    How Strong Willed Is Your Health System?
    By James L. Reinertsen, MD, CEO, The Reinertsen Group

    Will is the primary factor that separates organizations that simply try hard, from those that get real results. 

    Driving Healthcare Performance
    Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement   

    Three key ingredients for improvement-will, ideas, and execution-can help C-suite leaders drive out performance gaps.

    Last Word

    Celebrating Success

    Healthcare leaders share how they reward individuals, teams, and groups for high performance.