• Basic Format of a Group Visit in 10 Steps

    Lola Butcher Nov 04, 2014

    Although the goals of group visits vary depending on the patients being served, group visits at Massachusetts General Hospital use the same basic format:

    1. Patients are invited to meet as a group with medical professionals.
    2. The session is scheduled for 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
    3. Prior to the group visit, the leading provider or team (physician, nurse practitioner, and/or nurse) conducts chart reviews.
    4. As patients arrive, support staff obtain vital signs for each patient, and patients complete a pre-visit survey.
    5. At the start of the group visit, the leader explains the format of the group and obtains HIPAA consent.
    6. Medical review is integrated into the session (either in the room or in a separate space).
    7. Physician, nutritionist, or other expert provides disease-related education.
    8. Physician, nurse practitioner, psychologist, or social worker facilitates group discussion.
    9. If time is allotted, the leader does a relaxation or meditation exercise with the group.
    10. The medical and behavioral leader complete post-visit documentation, triage, and referrals for specialty care and follow-up services.

    Source: Eisenstat, S., Lipps Siegel, A., Carlson, K., and Ulman, K., Putting Group Visits Into Practice: A Practical Overview to Preparation, Implementation, and Maintenance of Group Visits at Massachusetts General Hospital, Women’s Health Associates, The John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, Massachusetts General Hospital, January 2012.

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