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    May 15, 2014

    Engaging Patients for Value

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    The Patient’s Role in Achieving Value
    The patient’s active involvement in improving his or her health status is critical to achieving the goal of high-quality, lower-cost care. Here’s how three healthcare organizations are working toward this goal.     

         Sidebar: Engaging Patients in Strategic Planning
         Web Extra: Crozer-Keystone’s Medical Home Brochure for Patients

    The Patient Portal to the Future
    After launching their patient portals, Cleveland Clinic and Texas Neurology are working to get patients to use the portals to communicate with providers and transmit personal health information.

    The Business Case for Patient-Centered Facility Design
    A growing body of research demonstrates the positive impact of patient-centered design on clinical outcomes. University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro and UW Health Yahara Clinic are finding that this facility design approach is positive for the bottom line as well.


    Moving Toward Population Health
    Leaders from Sharp HealthCare, Geisinger, and Bryan Health detail how they are engaging individual patients—with the goal of improving outcomes for entire patient populations. 

    Breakthrough Map

    Improving the Patient Experience (Strategically)

    Improving the Patient Experience

    Where does your organization fall on the “value meter of patient expectations?” Find out in this Leadership infographic.

         Web Extra: 7 Leadership Tactics for Improving the Patient Experience


    The Future of Personalized Medicine
    An interview with Leroy Hood, MD
    “What we are trying to do is going to cause a revolution in the healthcare system where the dominant focus will become wellness,” says award-winning biologist Leroy Hood, MD, PhD. 

         Web Extra: What P4 Means for Health Systems

    Reframing Research Around Patients’ Concerns
    An interview with Anne C. Beal, MD
    “We are working to arm patients and their families with the information they need when they are feeling sick and vulnerable to make the choices that matter most to them,” says Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH, former chief officer for engagement, PCORI.

    BCBS Prepares for a Consumer-Focused Future
    An interview with Maureen Sullivan
    “Consumers are taking over the driver’s seat,” says BCBS’ Maureen Sullivan, senior vice president of strategic services and chief strategy officer. “This is not just happening in the individual- and small-group market. We’re also seeing it in the large-group market...in the Medicare market...and in the expansion of Medicaid managed care.” 


    Change the Conversation
    By James L. Reinertsen, MD, CEO, The Reinertsen Group
    Reinertsen encourages healthcare leaders to make one change to engage patients: Put two patients on the Board Quality Committee. “It will change the conversation,” he writes. 

    Defining Price Transparency Is Key
    By Joseph J. Fifer, president & CEO, HFMA
    “If we approach transparency the right way, we can continue to earn consumers’ trust and stay aligned with them in a value-based world,” writes Fifer.

    It Takes Time to Achieve Meaningful Value from an EHR
    By Russell Branzell, president & CEO, CHIME
    “With mission-critical applications like EHRs, it would be short-sighted to force users to learn applications in survival mode,” writes Branzell.  

    Last Word

    Inspired by the Patient or Caregiver Experience
    Four healthcare leaders share how their experiences as patients and caregivers are driving their professional passions.


    HFMA Roundtable: Strategies for Managing Orthopedic Implant Costs
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