• Leadership E-newsletter: March 2015

    Mar 18, 2015


    Infographic: The EHR Holy Grail: Meaningful and Usable
    With the majority of physicians and nurses reporting that they are dissatisfied with current EHRs, more healthcare leaders are paying attention to usability. Fortunately, experts have been working on adapting user-centered design approaches—used for decades in aviation, consumer software, and other industries—to health care.

    Learn more in this Leadership infographic.

    Sharing Stories

    How EmblemHealth is Helping Patients Gain Health Coverage
    EmblemHealth developed web-based tools to help both patients and small businesses compare pricing and coverage options available on the ACA’s health exchanges.

    Read how EmblemHealth’s is educating patients about coverage.

    Montefiore Reduces Readmissions for its Most Vulnerable Patients
    Montefiore Health System pharmacists and nurse practitioners meet with recently discharged cardiac clinic patients to educate them on healthy behaviors and prevent readmissions. The clinical team reviews patients’ medications, proper nutrition, and how to control sodium intake.

    Read more about Montefiore’s results and lessons learned.


    Intermountain Healthcare Saved $4 Million Through Clinical Management
    In this video interview, Intermountain Healthcare’s Brent James, MD, shares how his health system reduced waste associated with treating some of the most costly health conditions by tying clinical results to financial outcomes and making that information transparent to staff and clinicians.“If you do that, your physicians and nurses will become some of your finest financial officers,” says James.

    Find out how Intermountain achieved its results.

    Leadership Skills

    Crafting Better Vision Statements
    How effective is your healthcare organization’s vision statement? Many are too conceptual and overuse value-laden rhetoric, according to a recent study.

    Here’s how to change your statements so they resonate more with employees.

    Additional Resources

    More on Leadership and Quality Improvement

    Listen to an audio snippet on developing successful rural hospitals.

    Learn about the advantages of integrating quality improvement initiatives and lean programs in this Institute for Healthcare Improvement white paper. (Registration required.)

    Read about the status of the initial 300 accountable care organizations (ACOs) and the challenges ahead for ACOs.