• Healthcare Redesign

    Humana’s ‘Bold Goal’ to Tackle Social Determinants of Health Andrew Renda, MD, explains how Humana’s Bold Goal strategy is striving to address the social determinants of health in seven communities by piloting and implementing targeted interventions.
    • YEAH! Childhood Obesity Is a Preventable Problem Jean Mutchie and Amy Walters write about a program at St. Luke’s Children’s that addresses the underlying issues in the fight against childhood obesity.
    • House Calls for Frail, Elderly Patients Enhance Value House calls for frail, elderly patients have not gained traction under fee for service but could be a vital component of value-based care.
    • Urgent Care Moves to Homes, Offices, Hotels Offering urgent care and primary care house calls will pay off in the long run through lower total costs, more efficient care delivery, and improved patient satisfaction, say two provider organizations that are taking the lead in implementing such programs.
    • A Holistic Approach to Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates Main Line Health’s Barry D. Mann and Chinwe Onyekere describe the promising results the organization has seen from a volunteer program in which medical students serve as advocates for underserved patients.
    • Connecting Clinical and Community Resources In the era of population health management, healthcare organizations should address social determinants of health by implementing programs both within the organization and in collaboration with community partners.
    • Expanding the Continuum of Care

      Social determinants of health are becoming increasingly relevant to healthcare stakeholders as the industry transitions to population health management, writes Joseph J. Fifer, president and CEO, HFMA.

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