Potential Speaking Opportunities

ANI: The Healthcare Finance Conference

The RFP process for presentations at the 2013 ANI: The Healthcare Finance Conference is closed. For information on how to submit proposals for other HFMA events, see below.

Selection for the conference presentations is based on the following criteria:

  • Industry research and timely topics
  • Experience of presenter(s)
  • Programs that include a speaker from the provider sector
  • Presentations that include practical take-home tools and techniques
  • Programs that are interactive and include adult learning principles

Topics should be focused on healthcare financial management needs, and can relate to delivery systems and financial management/legal/legislative issues within these delivery systems from either a payer, purchaser and/or provider perspective. Proposals aimed at selling a product or service will not be considered.

Seminar and Webinar Programs

Proposals for seminar and webinar programs do not have a formal Call for Presentations process, and should include the following information:

  1. The format that is being proposed: seminar or webinar.
  2. Proposed title
  3. Session description - including session objectives, outline of the content, methods of teaching (latter not needed for webinars)
  4. Target audience (i.e. CFOs, PFS managers, senior financial executives, revenue cycle managers, etc.) and level of the subject matter (beginner, intermediate or advanced-if intermediate or advanced, what is expected level of familiarity with the subject matter?)
  5. Qualifications of speakers - include a short biography of all speakers involved
  6. Rationale for recommending the topic

Proposals for seminars are accepted throughout the year, and will be implemented, if accepted, into the next year's schedule. Proposals for webinars are accepted year-round.

Seminars topics are focused on content that is complex and enhanced by face-to-face interaction and problem-solving:

  • Financial management/reimbursement
  • Revenue cycle
  • Managed care operations and processes
  • Long-term care/home health care

Webinar topics are narrowly focused, and include information that has immediate relevance and timeliness for healthcare financial professionals and that can be a focused topic for this short length of time.

Seminar and webinar proposals can be submitted to education@hfma.org.