• April 2017

    No Mud, No Lotus: Getting Through the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Mud When Taking a Leap of Faith
    Kelsey Wong, a consultant who helps organizations design emotionally intelligent workplaces, writes about her own journey to feeling centered and finding mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation.
    Mastering Your Emotions: You Can't Leave Home Without Them
    Emotions are woven into the fabric of our mind and body of who we are in every situation of life; we truly cannot leave home without them, says Hilda Villaverde, PhD. She takes a deeper look at emotional self-awareness and its benefits.

    Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important Than IQ
    Shanna Hanson, Human Arc's manager of business knowlege, reviews the book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Is More Important Than IQ and How You Can Improve Yours. Author Allan Goldman takes readers through a step-by-step explanation that begins with what emotional intelligence is and how to enhance it. 

    Boosting Your EQ is Essential to Being a Top Performer
    Kari Cornicelli, vice president and CFO for Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus in San Diego, takes a look at the qualities and behaviors leaders cultivate to become recognized as top performers, including emotional intelligence.

    Encourage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace by Setting Strong Boundaries
    HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel writes about why establishing strong boundaries and enforcing them over time is critical to your success in the workplace. 

    Finding the Positive Aspects of a Disastrous Cruise
    Revenue cycle consultant Mary Lee DeCoster turned a negative situation into a positive one when the cruise ship she was on lost propulsion in the middle of the ocean. 

    HFMA's Louisiana Chapter Holds Its First Women's Leadership Conference
    Kirk LLC CEO Jennifer Erickson writes about the behind-the-scenes work that went into planning LA HFMA's first Women's Leadership Conference, which featured keynote speaker Cortney Baker, MD, and a number of esteemed panelists. 

    12 Commitments to Help You Achieve Success
    Stacey McCreery, president of ROI Search Group LLC, writes about the 12 commitments that have guided her in starting her own company and that have helped her achieve success.

    A Personal Battle for Wellness, Part 3
    Supporting good health is a way of life for PopHealthCare Wellness Director Melissa Everhart, so when she received an unexpected diagnosis last fall, her life as she knew it came screeching to a halt. This is the third part of a three-part series about how Everhart's profession is helping her face a life-threatening disease with positivity and grace. 

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