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As the top financial decision-makers in the healthcare industry, hfm readers directly influence billions of annual purchasing dollars at their organizations. CFOs typically read three out of four issues.

  • CFOs typically read three out of four issues of hfm.
  • The median number of years readers have been receiving hfm is 13 years.
  • 29 percent have been receiving hfm for 15 or more years.
  • 72 percent of CFOs retain their issues for future use, on average of 2.2 years.
  • 34 percent of CFOs pass along their copies to at least one other individual.


Leadership provides in-depth case stories and practical strategies to help healthcare leaders stay ahead of the macro-trends and business challenges facing the entire healthcare industry. Available in both a printed magazine format and as a monthly e-bulletin, Leadership has a circulation of 75,000 critical decision-makers and reaches across all levels of the C-suite and clinical/operational leadership three times a year.

Buyer's Resource Guide

The Buyer's Resource Guide puts your products and services in front of the decision-makers who are in charge of their organizations' annual spending dollars. This easy-to-use purchasing directory is the primary reference that healthcare professionals refer to repeatedly throughout the year.

  • 71 percent of hfm readers report retaining the Buyer's Resource Guide.
  • 54 percent of hfm readers report using either the print or online version of the Buyer's Resource Guide.

Advertising at ANI

Meet industry leaders and notable healthcare professionals as an exhibitor at HFMA's Annual National Institute, or target your sales message to them via conference publications, sponsorships, and other vehicles. 

Additional Advertising Opportunities

In addition to those listed above, HFMA offers advertising space in these print and electronic publications:

  • HFMA website
  • Newsletters: Healthcare Cost Containment and Healthcare Finance Strategies
  • E-bulletins: Leadership, Healthcare Finance Strategies, Patient Friendly Billing, HFMA Weekly News, and Career Opportunities

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