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The Value Journey: Organizational Road Maps for Value-Driven Health Care

As part of its  Phase 2 Value Project research, HFMA worked with 35 hospitals and health systems to better understand their road maps to value. These organizations were divided into five organizational cohorts: academic medical centers, aligned integrated systems, multihospital systems, rural hospitals, and stand-alone hospitals. 

HFMA's research identified common challenges that all healthcare providers will face in the value journey, as well as common capabilities, strategies, and tactics that will help them on their way. Our research also identified unique challenges and opportunities that define cohort-specific road maps to value.

This report provides a common road map for value, identifying action steps organizations should take to build competencies and skills within the four value-driving capabilities identified in HFMA's  Phase 1 Value Project research. The common road map in turn serves as a starting point for the cohort-specific road maps also presented in this report. 


Individual Report Sections & Road Maps

We recommend you review this report's discussion of the common road map before turning to cohort-specific discussions. We encourage you to read across the different cohort discussions to gain a better understanding of the multiple road maps available to organizations as they undertake their value journeys.

Common Issues Road Map  
Academic Medical Centers Road Map
Aligned Integrated Systems     Road Map
Multihospital Systems Road Map
Rural Hospitals Road Map
Stand-Alone Hospitals Road Map


Publication Date: Thursday, November 01, 2012