Did your revenue cycle staff or department recently accomplish something that you’d like to brag about?

If so, give your staff the recognition they deserve!

Please contact Betty Hintch, senior editor, Revenue Cycle Strategist, to describe your revenue cycle staff or departmental accomplishments. We'll review the information for possible publication, write a summary of the accomplishment, and send it to you for review before publication in Revenue Cycle Strategist newsletter's "Bragging Rights" column.

“Bragging Rights” is a new column in Revenue Cycle Strategist that shares short, succinct summaries from revenue cycle leaders about recent staff or department accomplishments that resulted in positive results for your healthcare organization (e.g., a more efficient approach, improved staff satisfaction, improved revenue cycle metrics, better collaboration with other departments or with payers).

If space is available in the newsletter issue, we can also feature a photo of the staff member(s) you’d like to brag about. Everyone featured in the column will receive a free PDF and print version of the newsletter.

(Note: This column will not feature news of an individual’s professional accomplishments, such as a promotion, or announce awards that an organization received. This column is intended to share stories of how staff impacted your organization’s revenue cycle.)

Please contact Betty Hintch for more information or to tell us about your revenue cycle staff or departmental accomplishments.  

Publication Date: Monday, May 05, 2014