Price Quote Checklist and Development Guidelines

Organizations can use this checklist to develop patient price quotes. It will help provide patients with clear, concise, and consistent communication regarding the cost of the services provided. This checklist and policy of requirements, developed by HFMA's Professional NAC, cover suggestions on what key information to include in the price quote, effective price quote delivery, and other aspects of the provider's responsibility to prepare the patient financially for their services.

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Decision Tree for Delivering Price Quotes

This diagram, developed by HFMA's Professional NAC, illustrates the information required and decisions that must be made from the point a patient is aware services are required, to the delivery of the price quote.

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Moderator's Guide For Focus Groups

This is a guide that can be used to obtain structured feedback from consumers about how to improve the revenue cycle from the patient's perspective. 

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Hospitals Share Insights to Improve Financial Policies for Uninsured and Underinsured Patients

This report provides insights from hospitals that have studied and revised discounting and collections policies and practices for uninsured and underinsured patients.

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Charge Description Master Recommendations

Recommendations on using the CDM to improve billing accuracy and understandability.

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