Strategies for a High-Performance Revenue Cycle

High-performing Baylor All Saints Medical Center, one of 14 hospitals in the Texas-based Baylor Health Care System, supports a career approach for revenue cycle positions. As Hollan L. Fenner, executive director of centralized business services at Baylor, explains, "To support employee longevity, we must provide the ability for staff to move up."

Staff progress from entry level positions to higher levels with enhanced responsibility and compensation as they prove themselves. View a diagram demonstrating a typical career track progression.

Rarely does the organization need to recruit for positions other than entry level. Retention also is aided as staff have incentives to learn more about other areas in central billing and improve themselves professionally. Employee satisfaction scores are very high. Staff also report being pleased to see themselves and others promoted.

"Over half of my staff has been in central billing services for more than five years, and over one third has been here more than 10 years," Fenner says. "My directors, including myself, have 165 years of combined hospital business office experience."  

Publication Date: Thursday, November 05, 2009