Each spring HFMA sends a survey to chapter leaders to ask for feedback on how we support their volunteer experience. Last month's article addressed the most important thins HFMA could do to further support and enhance the volunteer experience. Next month we will wrap up the final comments and questions

This month's portion of the surveys is: If any rating is less than a 6 or a 7, please provide feedback so that we can improve the experience for future chapter leaders.

From the Program Chair Survey

Comment: I think either nationally or regionally it would make sense to do a better job of sharing information on quality speakers for chapter programming. National sponsors are an amazing resource, but it would be nice to have additional access to other great speakers and share that among chapters.

HFMA's Response: We asked chapters to send us their recommendations on speakers in the past, but responses were sporadic at best. This year, we decided to be more proactive and enlisted the help of the Regional Executives-elect to contact chapters in their region and gather the names of three speakers the chapter would recommend, the subject matter, and the speaker's contact information. We asked them to enter these electronically using the SurveyMonkey site. Thirty-six chapters generously shared their recommendations.

The Regional Speakers Database is posted to the Program Chair Toolkit. Chapters who would like to share additional recommendations can enter information through Nov. 15. This is a project that we plan to continue each year to ensure that information in the database remains current and relevant. We hope you will keep this in mind as you move through your program year.

Comment: I would suggest that there be some requirement for chapters to retain prior year program information. It is very valuable to new Program Chairs to see what happened the previous few years, almost like a road map of where the educational events have been. Then the discussion can be to stay the course or try something different.

HFMA's Response: A list of past programs and locations is a valuable planning tool-and it already exists in the Program Planning Tool! The downside of having so many resources on the website is that sometimes you just can't remember all the tools that are in there.

The PPT was designed to be a historical program budget. From the "Reports" tab, chapter leaders can pull lists of all the programs they entered by DCMS year. The records go back to the 2007-08 chapter year. These reports contain all the information entered about the events including dates, titles, co-sponsors, program location, and the estimated and actual number of attendees and hours.

It's also good to note that you can pull these reports for any chapter, not just your own. Many chapter leaders mistakenly think that because they can only enter and edit information on their own chapter, that they can't access the data from other chapters.

In fact, if you are really ambitious you can pull a PPT report for all chapters. Note that the full report for all chapters is lengthy, and during the current chapter year it changes daily as events are reported, added, postponed, or canceled. But you don't have to actually print it out (unless you have stock in a paper company). You can save the full download as a .pdf file and use the search tool in Adobe to search for a particular program, chapter, topic, or co-sponsor.

We encourage chapter leaders to contact us if you have an idea for a specific tool. If it already exists, we can point you in the right direction, if it doesn't exist, we will see if we can find a way to make it happen.

For a deeper dive into your chapter education history, you can access copies of Historical Acknowledgement Reports (going back to 2008-09) to see the ratios of chapter/regional hours to HFMA national hours for your chapter.

Newsletter Chair

Comment: We were led to believe that there would be a repository of articles to pull from if you needed an additional educational article for your publication.

HFMA's Response: We do post articles from ANI as well as articles from HFMA publications several times throughout the year in Articles for Chapter Newsletters. These articles have a limited shelf life, so we do remove them from the site after a few months. We currently have articles from 2012 ANI, the 2012 HFMA Board of Directors update from the Fall Presidents meetings, a LINK article, an article about the Career Center, an article on The Value of Certification, and three new articles from HFMA's Healthcare Cost Containment.

Each month in Notes from National we also list authors from the chapters who have written for hfm magazine in "The Write Stuff." These are resources that your chapter can tap into as possible contributors for your newsletter.

If your chapter needs an article on a specific topic, we encourage you to contact Chapter Relations and we will check with our Publications Department to see if your request can be accommodated.

Membership Chair

Comment: It would be beneficial to have a webpage on the website designed for membership committee chairs that lists out the types of tools that are available by type of campaign.

HFMA's Response: The Annual HFMA Membership Marketing Calendar is posted to the Membership Chair Toolkit. This .pdf document is a month-by-month listing of national activities, suggested chapter activities, and links to resources provided by HFMA. Membership Marketing Briefs, a monthly e-newsletter supplements the resources on the web.

President and Regional Executive

Comment: Website is difficult to navigate at times.

HFMA Response: We know that the sheer volume of material on the website sometimes makes it difficult to find the one item you are looking for quickly. The new search tool should help with that. We welcome specific feedback on any navigation issues you encounter. For instance, if you were looking for a particular piece of information, let us know where you expected to find it. Please keep in mind that there isn't a single location that is intuitive for everyone, but with more feedback we may be able to make adjustments that will connect users with the information they need more efficiently. Send your feedback to chapter@hfma.org.

Comment: Website requires users to "re-login" for various items.

HFMA Response: Members who are chapter leaders must be logged in to the HFMA site to access the Chapter Leaders section. The site blocks anyone who is not listed as a chapter leader on a chapter leadership and committee roster. The second login is an additional layer of security to protect sensitive member information. It comes into play when any user tries to access information from HFMA's membership database or the Chapter Roster Center. We realize that this requires an extra step, but our members trust us to protect this information.

Publication Date: Thursday, October 25, 2012