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Intensive Management of Supplies Improves Intermountain's Margins
By investing in a new strategic staffing role for its supply chain, Intermountain Healthcare expects to save $7 million while strengthening relationships with key suppliers and internal customers.

Web Extra: Taking a Closer Look at Intermountain's Supply Chain Strategies
View a PowerPoint presentation that details Intermountain Healthcare's strategies for managing the relationship between supply chain staff and key internal and external stakeholders.

Optimizing the Efficiency of Perioperative Services
Surgical services are crucial to the overall financial well-being of a hospital or health system. Here are key steps to protecting this critical area by enhancing perioperative services.

Creating a Better Acuity-Based Model for Nurse Staffing   
Overstaffing and understaffing are not optimal from a financial perspective. Both are causes of dissatisfaction among staff and patients, and they contribute to poor outcomes.

Reducing Blood Usage Can Bring Bottom-Line Savings
Hospitals can save millions of dollars annually by reducing use of blood products, without adversely affecting patient outcomes.

Web Extra: Saving Money by Reducing Blood Product Use-Without Adversely Affecting Outcomes
Read more about the Premier study on blood product use as well as critical factors for successful blood management. 

Strategies for Preventing Readmissions
With penalties for preventable readmissions already in place, hospitals should consider strategies to enhance quality of care, protect revenue, and reduce costs.

Study Recommends Ways to Protect Revenue While Reducing Surgical Complications 
Hospitals that reduce surgical complication rates also may reduce their revenue, according to a recent study.