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Winter 2013 Enewsletter

Posted January 2013

Capital Finance
What Will Happen to Interest Rates in 2013?
By William M. Courson
A number of compelling factors stand to affect current interest rates—and healthcare finance leaders’ capital financing plans.

Risk Radar 
The Financial Risks to Employers from Health Reform

By Anita F. Baker
Some healthcare organizations will end up paying more for health benefits under the ACA; others will pay less. Do you know what your risks are?

Maximizing Data Breach Security
By Jared Rhoads and Richard Staynings
A comprehensive cybersecurity plan limits a hospital’s exposure to fines and legal fees for data breaches and contributes to quality healthcare delivery and financial performance, as detailed in this excerpt from a recent report.

Winter 2013 Print Issue 

Data Metrics & Analysis  

Addressing Physician Variation to Improve Value: A Case Example

By William O. Cleverley and James O. Cleverley

Using a hypothetical case example, the Cleverleys describe how to assess and identify specific factors that create cost differences among physicians.

The Long View

Let’s Get Real in 2013

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer

What could possibly be wrong with aspiring to provide highest-possible quality at lowest-possible costs? Only that, in a system with limited resources—the reality of today’s medical marketplace—these goals cannot be accomplished.

Capital Allocation & Budgeting

Capital Requests: The Buck Stops with the CEO

By Dave Wittenberg

Our findings suggest the benefits of increasing the CEO’s personal oversight of capital expenditures.

Strategic & Financial Planning

Geographic Information Systems Plot the Way to Smarter Operations

By Devon A. Cancilla and Stephen A. McElroy

Geographic information systems use location as a way to connect otherwise separate types of information.  These analyses can then show relationships among data that might otherwise go unnoticed?and give management new tools to improve their organizations.

Facility Planning

Using Building Information Modeling Throughout a Facility’s Life

By Andrew Quirk

Building information modeling is an essential tool for cost-effective, integrated facility planning. It helps owners digitally design, visualize, simulate, and analyze the key physical and functional characteristics of a project?before it is built.

Case Studies

Two Agile Organizations Take Different Paths to Rapid Decision Making

By Lauren Phillips

What does rapid decision making look like in a healthcare organization? That depends on the specific organizational culture at work. Here is a look at how two hospitals are going about it.

Web Exclusives

Bellin Health's Peformance Improvement Energy Grid

The document lists all Bellin departments and what each is responsible for in each performance improvement initiative.

Mercy's New Committee Structure

In 2012, Mercy Medical Center launched a new committee structure designed to align performance improvement with the hospital's five strategic pillars.