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Spring 2013 Enewsletter

Tax Strategies

Accelerate Cash Flow by Reducing Sales/Use Tax Costs

By Scot Grierson, Dan Bartholet, and Stacey Matthew

While sales tax recovery audits serve a valuable role, best-in-class organizations often adopt a prospective, automated solution to avoid overpayments and underpayments—which accelerates cash flow and eliminates errors.

Capital Finance

How to Take Advantage of HUD’s Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program

By Lauren Phillips

The median processing time for a 242 application was reduced to 63 days in federal FY12—which is less than half of what it was the previous year.

Six Not-for-Profit Capital Strategies

By Mark McIntire

The challenge for CFOs today is to take advantage of the current market while low interest rates and tight taxable spreads remain a reality.

Spring 2013 Print Issue  

Cover Story

Adventist’s RVU Costing Approach: Benefits Outweigh Challenges

By Lauren Phillips 

Stopping short of a full-blown cost accounting system, Adventist Health chose a multiple RVU methodology, a hybrid sometimes called activity-based or procedural costing.

Web Exclusives

Presentation: Creating a High-Performance Cost Accounting Strategy

In this 2012 ANI presentation, two Adventist Health finance leaders provide details on their health system’s cost accounting approach.  

Q&A: Moving Toward Cost Accounting

An interview with Greg Adams and Todd Nelson

“As a CFO, I need information that is accurate enough to support management decisions, but I don’t want to build a cost accounting system that takes more time and effort to maintain than the value of the information I get out of it,” says Greg Adams. 

Data Metrics & Analysis

Finding Gainful Opportunities in the Medicare DSH Cuts

By Scott Houk

As DSH hospitals prepare for this major reimbursement change, they can take a number of steps to identify and reduce their specific losses.

Finance at a Glance

National SSI Is Trending Upwards

By Scott Houk 

This analysis shows that the national average supplement security income trended up approximately 7 percent between 2005 and 2010.

The Long View

Mirages on the Financial Horizon

A commentary by Jeffrey C. Bauer 

Providers might see more insured patients on the horizon, but these patients will not have disposable income to make up the out-of-pocket difference in a stagnant economy. 

Capital Challenge

Good Shepherd Health System’s Debt Recapitalization Strategy

By Bette A. Kraus

East Texas-based Good Shepherd Health System re-evaluated its overall debt profile and engaged in a beneficial multi-phased restructuring of its debt and new project funding.

Service Line Strategies

Service Line Growth Strategies for a Constricted Industry

By Arthur C. Sturm, Jr.

For the short-term, growing profitable services with high acquisition rates may compensate for deeper cuts in less profitable services.

IT Planning

Data Warehouses: Pursuing Strategic Efficiencies 

By Andrew Quirk and Terry Rennaker

The demand for real-time diagnostic data is intensifying the need for hospitals and health systems to evaluate data warehouse performance and financial impact. 

Publication Date: Monday, April 22, 2013