Notes from National

Notes from National (NFN) is a monthly e-newsletter for chapter leaders covering news, tips, and the latest updates from HFMA.

In the May Issue

Looking Ahead

Chapter leaders’ one resource for DCMS deadlines and upcoming events. 
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The First 100 Days

It may not be Fast and Furious, but the deadlines come pretty quick in the first three months. Stay informed and stay ahead!                    
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hfm Magazine ISO Expert Reviewers

hfm is looking for manuscript reviewers who have a special area of expertise in healthcare finance. Are you the perfect match? 
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Certification News

Updated reports, Patient Access Essentials, certification maintenance schedule and more. 
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News to Share

Find information about the Annual Conference, Voices in Healthcare Finance podcasts, and member testimonial videos to share in communications, on your website or social media platforms. 
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Regulatory Corner

April update from HFMA's Healthcare Financial Practices staff will help you communicate with members on regulatory issues.    
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NFN Archive

NfN Archive is the source for issues from the past year.

Publication Date: Wednesday, May 02, 2018