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Notes from National (NFN) is a monthly e-newsletter for chapter leaders covering news, tips, and the latest updates from HFMA.

In the January Issue

Looking Ahead

Chapter leaders’ one resource for DCMS deadlines and upcoming events. 
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Is Someone in Your Chapter a Candidate for the Morgan Award?

Applications are open until Feb. 28 for the Morgan Award, HFMA's highest individual recognition.
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Presidents-elect: It's Time to Put the Band Together

Leadership rosters must be completed by March 1. Find out which positions must be entered by the deadline.  
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Countdown to LTC

Hotel registration is open now and conference registration will open later in the month. Find out about conference start and end times and what to expect overall.          
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Regulatory Corner

December updates from HFMA's Healthcare Financial Practices staff will help you communicate with your members on the latest regulatory issues. 
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New All-Inclusive Membership Is Coming

Learn about HFMA's move to enhance membership value beginning Jan. 24.
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Introducing the 2019-20 HFMA Board of Directors Slate

Check out the past chapter leaders who are on the slate for 2019-20.  
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Certification-Career Services News

There are changes to the HFMA CHFP & FHFMA Certification Maintenance Policy.
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News to Use

Check out the new copy for Marketing Assets Toolkit with ads and podcasts for you to share with your members including copy to help you promote Finance Fundamentals for Physicians, the Revenue Cycle Conference, and the 2019 HFMA Annual Conference.  
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NFN Archive

NfN Archive is the source for issues from the past year.