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Notes from National (NFN) is a monthly e-newsletter for chapter leaders covering news, tips, and the latest updates from HFMA.

In the October Issue

Looking Ahead

Chapter leaders’ one resource for DCMS deadlines and upcoming events. 
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Get Ready for the Chapter Membership Satisfaction Survey

Want to improve your survey results? Talk to your members right before or after the survey is emailed to encourage their participation and let them know how you use their feedback.
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Cvent Corner

Tips and answers to questions about Cvent. Learn how to enter your education plan event without launching the event and how to create education credits.                   
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hfm Magazine Looking for Expert Reviewers

If you have a special area of expertise, would like to review manuscripts for hfm, and want to earn Founders points, we could use a few more reviewers.
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Membership Marketing Brief

Connect. Refer. Reward. Learn about earning rewards through HFMA's Member Referral Program, the special limited-time discount for your prospective members and renewing members, and how to access your prospective member list. Get information on HFMA's national member retention campaign to aged-lapsed non-renewers and next steps for chapters. Then tell us about your successful membership recruitment and retention practices.             
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Enterprise Organizations List

Want to know which Enterprise Membership organizations have members in your chapter? Check out the latest list in the Enterprise Member Engagement Toolkit on the Membership Toolkit page.
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Certification News

New reports will be available by mid-October.  
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News to Share

We've got a virtual cornucopia of news, ads and podcasts for you to share with your members including the information about the 2018 Virtual Conference, upcoming HFMA seminars, Membership ads for social media, Voices in Healthcare Finance podcasts, and our member testimonial videos. 
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Regulatory Corner

September updates from HFMA's Healthcare Financial Practices staff will help you communicate with your members on the latest regulatory issues.
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NFN Archive

NfN Archive is the source for issues from the past year.