Notes from National

Notes from National (NFN) is a monthly e-newsletter for chapter leaders covering news, tips, and the latest updates from HFMA.

In the March Issue

Looking Ahead

Chapter leaders’ one resource for DCMS deadlines and upcoming events. 
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Introducing the 2018–2019 Dashboard and Chapter Success Plan

The REC has made big changes in the CBSC—it's morphing into the 2018–2019 Dashboard and its sidekick, the Chapter Success Plan.                  
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Education Pre-Close Deadline is April 10

Don't forget to complete your education reporting for events through March 31, 2018 by April 10.                                 
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Press Requests to Attend Chapter or Regional Meetings

We've recently seen an uptick in inquiries from chapters about media asking to cover chapter or regional programs. Our media gurus have developed an FAQ to help you decide and a release form for your speakers.
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Certification News

Updated reports, the new Certified Inpatient Coding Auditor certification, and press release templates; see what's new this month.
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News to Share

Check out the latest information from HFMA to share with your members. Find information about the Annual Conference and the MAP award.
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Regulatory Corner

February update from HFMA's Healthcare Financial Practices staff will help you communicate with members on regulatory issues.    
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NFN Archive

NfN Archive is the source for issues from the past year.

Publication Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018