It’s the end of the third quarter; your chapter should be at or above 75 percent of your CBSC goal with enough estimated hours entered into in the Program Planning Tool to carry you past the finish line.

If you have questions about whether your can realistically achieve your goal with the programs already in place, contact the Chapter Relations team for assistance with an in-depth review.

If it appears you may fall short of your goal, you are in luck. We’ve assembled 13 strategies that can help your chapter boost its education hours by adding to an existing program or scheduling an additional program(s).

  1. Add to a scheduled program. You’ve already got the audience, so this is one of the best ways to boost your numbers with minimal effort. Add additional hours to your program or you may be able to adjust registration to allow for either full- or multi-day programs so that more people can take advantage of the opportunity. For example, if someone can’t attend a full-day session, it may be possible to attend morning-only or afternoon-only sessions or a single day of a multi-day program. You can also extend the length of your program.
    •  Add an additional 1- to 2-hour session
    •  Make a half-day event full-day
    •  Add educational speaker at lunch
    •  Add a pre-conference and/or post-conference session(s)
    •  Break up registration packages to encourage greater participation:
      •  Single-day registration for a multi-day conference
      •  A.M. or P.M. registration for a full-day program
  2. Plug and Play. Our Prepared Presentations are wrapped in a bow and ready to present at your chapter program. Use these as standalone a program like a lunch and learn or chapter webinar or as a supplement to an existing chapter Program. Topics include the Impact of the Election on Healthcare Reform Implementation, Certification, the Value of HFMA, and Value Project Education Resources. Just plug and play!
  3. Program Chair Toolkit. Find topics and speakers who may be able to provide a program for you: 
  4. Member Satisfaction Surveys. Go to page three of your chapter’s Member Satisfaction Survey to see which topics your members say they want most, then deliver!
  5. HFMA’s Virtual Conference.
    • There’s still one live program left on April 15 that offers 3 CPUs. And did we say people who have not been HFMA members in the past get free membership when they register for the Virtual Conference?
    • On-demand sessions
  6. Live HFMA webinars
  7. HFMA’s recorded, on-demand webinars, including the Top 5 Webinars
  8. Chapter Leaders Webinars. Encourage your leadership team to participate in all appropriate live webinars.
  9. Mini-LTC/Strategic Planning. Chapters can claim one session each DCMS year for education credit.  If your chapter hasn’t already entered a planning session, schedule one before the end of the DCMS year.
  10. Promote HFMA education programs. Check out the Education Roundup for information on upcoming education opportunities. Remember, chapters receive DCMS education hours for every member who participates in an HFMA national education program. Consider promoting these events in your newsletter or on your website. Access ads from the Newsletter Chair Toolkit under Articles and Ads for Chapter Newsletters.
  11. Regional webinars. Get together with the chapters in your region to produce a regional webinar.
  12. Copy. Ask a neighboring chapter if they had a successful program that could be easily duplicated in your chapter.
  13. Contact HFMA’s Education Coordinator, Nancy Smith at if you have questions or need advice on increasing your education hours.

Publication Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013