We assembled three successful practices on strategic planning that chapter leaders presented on the Jan. 31 Chapter Leaders Webinar, “Successful Planning for the 2013-14 DCMS Year – Part 1.” There were three fantastic presentations, each with a slightly different focus on strategic planning. Everything went as planned— until we tried to access the recording and it wasn’t there. Imagine our chagrin!

But if we’ve learned anything about strategic planning it’s this: Always have a Plan B—so, here it is.

We quickly interviewed each of the presenters to capture the essence of their presentations, so everyone has access to these great ideas for planning your chapter year. You can still request copies of the webinar slides by emailing chapter@hfma.org. Here are links to each presentation and supplemental materials:

Deep Thinking: Bill Galinsky, president-elect of the Lone Star Chapter explains his chapter’s take on succession planning.

Plan It, Own It: Kim Coker, president of the North Carolina Chapter explains her chapter’s method for creating sustainable short- and long-term plans.

What Doesn’t Get Measured, Doesn’t Get Done: Sandra Pinette, president-elect of the New Hampshire-Vermont Chapter explains how her chapter developed a tool to accurately predict and monitor chapter education.