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Cover Story

Revenue Cycle Management: Preparing for New Ways of Measurement

By Michael Myers and Bonnie Cassidy

Prepare for a revenue cycle driven by quality measures by adopting a three-step approach emphasizing data, accountability, and disease management.

Physician Engagement

Engaging Employed Physicians Around Revenue Cycle Performance

By Kathleen B. Vega

By engaging employed physicians in revenue cycle management, hospitals can move the needle on key revenue cycle metrics.

Coding Q & A

Documentation in ICD-10 Versus ICD-9: Similarities Offset Differences

By Kim Felix

Look for only moderate documentation changes in the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, but be alert for several key differences.

Revenue Cycle Technology

Due Diligence for Computer-Assisted Coding Software

By Akhila Skiftenes

Due diligence in planning, selection, and implementation can help ensure that an organization makes the most of an investment in computer-assisted coding.

Figures at a Glance

Electronic Claims Submission Speeds Up Receipt, Processing Time

The rise in electronic claims submission has expedited receipt and processing of claims and reduced the cost of claims adjudication.

Publication Date: Friday, March 01, 2013