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Cover Story

How Transparency Will Change the Revenue Cycle: An Interview with Bob Kocher

In a recent interview, Bob Kocher, MD, a former Obama administration healthcare adviser, said that healthcare finance leaders should work toward developing a pricing strategy and sharing total costs of elective procedures with patients. 

RAC Audits

Guidance for Addressing Medicare Billing Errors

A recent newsletter from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) describes claims submission problems identified by recovery audit contractors (RACs) and provides guidance designed to help providers, billing staffs, and suppliers avoid the issues.  

Coding Q & A

Direct Supervision Criteria: Nurse-Administered Therapeutic Injections

By Kathy Johnson

Following recommended practices will substantiate direct-supervision criteria if and when an insurer requests substantiating documentation or audits claims.

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Business Intelligence: The Imperative Investment

By Nicole Tremblett

Business intelligence is a valuable pathway to the wealth of information that already resides in healthcare provider and payer organizations.


Using Middleware to Merge Revenue Cycles

By Nick Hilger

Just as an electronic health record tracks and manages clinical information by patient across many clinical service departments, revenue cycle middleware tracks and manages the financial requirements of billing and collections.

Figures at a Glance

Average Patient Responsibility per Statement by Specialty

Patient out-of-pocket liability has doubled over the past five to six years and is continuing to increase. Knowing that patient responsibility can vary by practice and payer type can aid revenue cycle leaders in establishing appropriate processes.

Publication Date: Monday, April 01, 2013