Here is an extensive list of patient friendly billing reports, analysis, tools, case studies, and related information.

Case Studies in Customer Service – How high-performing customer service drives patient satisfaction and financial success

Developing a Culture of Revenue Cycle Excellence – Five key strategies for building a culture of revenue cycle excellence

Project Reports

Reconstructing Hospital Pricing Systems – An overview of the hospital pricing system, its evolution, and the objectives driving pricing system reform

Consumerism in Health Care: Achieve a Consumer-Oriented Revenue Cycle – The goals, roles, and responsibilities inherent with consumerism, the effect on revenue cycle, and strategies for success

Strategies for a High-Performance Revenue Cycle (full report) – Ready-to-use ideas and critical practices for implementing and achieving revenue cycle excellence 

Patient Friendly Billing Recommended Practice: Early, Transparent Financial Communications – Addresses patients' rights to understand and prepare for their financial obligation at the earliest point possible in the care experience 

Hospitals Share Insights to Improve Financial Policies for Uninsured and Underinsured Patients – Examines discounting and collection practices for patients with limited ability to pay and provides action steps health systems can follow to help patients

Patient Friendly Billing – Guidelines for improving and implementing the technology behind patient friendly billing

Patient Friendly Billing – Step-by-step strategies for implementing patient friendly billing, recommendations for improving revenue cycle, and essential components of patient friendly billing statements

Patient Friendly Billing: Year One – A summary of findings based on patient focus group research and recommendations by the first task force

Additional Resource

Breaking the "Wicked" Healthcare Barriers – Proceedings from an HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference keynote session on building a positive patient experience through effective strategies and communications

More Revenue Cycle Resources

HFMA's MAP – A comprehensive strategy used by healthcare finance professionals to benchmark the success of their organization's revenue cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist – An HFMA newsletter that delivers advice on denials management, collections, coding, and other revenue cycle issues

Revenue Cycle Forum – Where revenue cycle professionals share ideas, network, and find expert insight 

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