May 23—Oklahoma City-area hospitals were tested by the sudden and high volume of injuries, from bruises to broken bones to open wounds, resulting from the May 20 tornado that devastated the area, according to multiple reports. "A facility used to seeing one or two traumas a day all of a sudden had over 50," said Bob Letton, pediatric medical director at Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City, quoted in the Los Angeles Times. The tornado caused 24 deaths and damaged up to 13,000 homes. 

Among the facilities hit were hospitals. Moore Medical Center near Oklahoma City was damaged by the tornado, but measures to protect patients and staff were successful, according to ABC News. In anticipation of the tornado, staff followed disaster plans and moved patients away from windows and onto the first floor, and transferred some patients to nearby Norman Regional Medical Center.

HFMA is encouraging that its members support disaster relief in the area by donating to the American Red Cross.

Publication Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013