July 1 is the DCMS reporting deadline for Founders Award Maintenance. Founders Contacts are responsible for entering any missing points for their chapter members for the 2013 awards year (activity from June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013).

To ensure timely reporting by July 1, the following tasks should be accomplished by July 1:

  1. Encourage Members to Review their Founders Points
    Send an email, post on your website, or include in your newsletter if the timing is right. Members can review their Founders Points 24/7 through the HFMA website. From the home page, login with your username and password, then click on My Account. Under Members Only click on Founder’s Points and a report will display on the screen with a listing of their real-time Founders points. If there are any missing points or discrepancies, members should contact their chapter’s Founders Contact.
  2. Report Points: Action Required by July 1
    Once members have reviewed their points and forwarded any corrections to you, go to the Founders Contact Toolkit on the Chapter Leaders website to add points. From the Founders review and entry page, select the option you prefer to use and follow the menu prompts. Members are sorted alphabetically by last name and searchable by first name, and you can review and enter points in for an individual or multiple members at once.
  3. Webinar for Founders Contacts and Founders Co-Chairs on May 22 (optional)
    If you missed the May 22 webinar, contact chapter@hfma.org for a recording of the webinar and copies of the handouts.
    Note: Only Founders Contacts and Founders Co-Chairs can update points for members in their own chapter, and are responsible for entering points for the following six categories (all other points are awarded by HFMA National):
    • Chapter Committee Participation
      Note: updating missing committee participation for 2012–13 simultaneously awards the appropriate Founders points and updates the Chapter Leader Roster.
    • Event Volunteer
    • Mentor
    • Chapter Article
    • Speaker (4 hours or less)
    • Speaker (4 hours or more)

Allow at least 24 hours for your entries to update and appear on the Chapter Founders Report or in the member’s point details. If you need assistance or if an error is made when entering in points, please contact Jinna Davis at jdavis@hfma.org or call (800) 252-4362, ext. 357.

Publication Date: Thursday, May 30, 2013