Healthcare finance is rapidly changing. More than ever before, healthcare finance managers need to acquire and maintain comprehensive skill sets to provide the financial management demanded today.

To that end, HFMA has developed the Certified Technical Specialist (CTS) programs to provide comprehensive technical education to help mid-level managers expand their functional skills, knowledge, and prepare for certification programs like the CHFP or FHFMA. Available to HFMA members and non-members, these programs are offered in the following areas: Accounting & Finance and Managed Care.

Note: These certifications do not count toward a chapter's DCMS certification goal. Rather, they are like the CRCR program in that chapter receives DCMS education credit only for chapter members who complete the program.

HFMA’s Certified Technical Specialist programs further enhance healthcare finance skills through expansion of the knowledge and skill sets required by specific functional areas.

  • The programs are offered for $400 each for members and non-members.
  • CTS program materials are available to purchasers for one year from date of purchase.
  • The exam consists of a 75 question online exam to be completed in 90 minutes.
  • At successful completion of a CTS program, HFMA members and non-members will become certified in the program and eligible to use CTS as a designation.
  • All candidates will be able to print out a certificate and congratulatory letter upon successful completion of the exam.
  • HFMA members and non-members who have earned a CTS designation must recertify every two years. The recertification process is straightforward: to recertify as a CRCR, you must take an online exam (a nominal fee will apply).

For more information or to purchase a program, visit the Certified Technical Specialist: Accounting & Finance page under Certification on the HFMA website.

Publication Date: Thursday, May 30, 2013