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Cover Story

Leveraging Labor to Drive Savings

By Jackie Larson and Deborah Walkenhorst

Learn how adopting an enterprise approach to workforce management enabled a large healthcare network to reduce contingency staffing costs by more than $23 million over five years and improve staff satisfaction.

Supply Chain Strategies

A Collaborative Approach to Reducing the Clinical Supply Spend

By Harry Kirschner and Carolyn Mansfield

Breakthrough savings are possible when hospitals are willing to transform their approach to the clinical supply chain from zero-sum negotiations to collaborative partnership.

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Examples of a Collaborative Clinical Supply Strategy

Hospitals that share opportunity data with physicians and suppliers can significantly improve clinical supply spend performance.

Figures at a Glance

How Brand Loyal Are Orthopedic Surgeons?

Only 35 percent of hospitals have successfully consolidated to one brand of knee implant, due in part to the brand loyalty of many orthopedic surgeons.

Clinical Cost Savings

Telephone Discharge Follow-Up Reduces Readmissions

By Karen Wagner

After Scott & White Health Plan implemented a telephone discharge follow-up program, readmissions declined by 57 percent. 

Supply Chain Strategies

Leveling the Playing Field in Physician Preference Item Purchases

By Phil Pettigrew, Brent Fiedler, and Brent Jehle

Find out how comparative pricing data combined with tough negotiations helped Denver Health cut costs on physician preference items by 14 percent and save more than $1 million.

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Sample Acknowledgment Letter

View a sample acknowledgment letter developed by UHC and used as a model by Denver Health.

Improving Value

Rolling Forecasting Offers Alternative to Budgeting

By Debra Miller

Discover a more efficient alternative to the annual budget process that allows for better use of the finance department’s resources and enables healthcare organizations to respond to new opportunities more nimbly.

From the Headlines

Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis Reduces Hospital Costs by More Than $1.5 Million

A single best practice for preventing deep vein thrombosis in surgical patients reduced costs substantially in one healthcare system, according to the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

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Survey Reveals Where C-Suite and Supply Chain Leaders Agree, Disagree

By Jamie C. Kowalski

Findings from the 2012 Healthcare Executive Survey on Supply Chain Management reveal that leaders in the executive suite and supply chain management may need to boost agreement in several key areas, if opportunities for improving organizational financial performance through supply chain are to be optimized.